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Carlos came to the gym the day after I wrote about him!
My new Thursday morning routine: volunteer coaching for Bode’s school’s BOKS program ๐Ÿ™‚
A TV show filming in Natick Center!
My #1 favorite box to find delivered to our front steps.
Back at Orthopedics New England with Dr. Sean Rockett.
Getting PRP on both knees. Now, crossing my fingers that it works.
Stopped for a hike with the kids on the way home from Jonah’s tennis match at Middlesex in Concord.
Walden Pond.
Casey works out in her garage every day, with this photo to keep her motivated…and, smiling.
Right before Bode dropped his pants and tried to pee on our neighbor’s tree.
Had me paint her nails teal blue with gold sparkles.
Every morning ๐Ÿ™‚
2nd haircut in her LIFE.
CrossFit Kids at CF Tilt II

I’ve intentionally been holding myself back from writing this post to allow a fair enough amount of time to pass for me to honestly be able to say this:

I truly love coaching.”

This week completes two full weeks of me coaching the 11:30 class at CFNE, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any hesitations. I think most stay at home parents of young children are nervous about going back to work.

I mean, my thought for years after having our youngest child was (1) I’m already late for everything, (2) I can’t seem to get anything done at home, and (3) I don’t want to lose the freedom to be involved in the kids’ schools the way I’ve been able to for the last couple of years.

Ok, fine. I also love occasional coffee dates with girlfriends and Friday late mornings at Nordstrom Rack. Alright, fine. I also love to lay in the sun for 20 minutes to “get my natural dose of Vitamin D”…and, look better in a white tank top. FINE.

But, the funny thing is it’s like so many other things in life when the added responsibility and pressure of having more on your plate actually forces you into being more efficient and wise with the time that you do have.

Hanging out with some of your best friends after a workout every day is valuable, but not when it leaves me panicking at 9:30pm because I am miserably tired and “didn’t have time” during the day to unload the dishwasher or pack the kids’ snacks and lunches for the next day and now I have to make up for it…but, man did I have a good time pole dancing with Meredith as a cool down after Ben’s class 12 hours earlier.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m the sort of person that thrives on a busy schedule and doesn’t like down time. But, what I’m finding in so many areas of my life lately is an unexpected sense of comfort in the happy in-between place of balance.

Until recently, I’ve always considered myself an all or nothing personality.

Diet? I weighed and measured every gram of food and liquid that entered my mouth.

Training? Would never miss a day regardless of how banged up I was, and considered more volume and more weights as more gains.

Updating this blog? I was determined to not miss a single day of posting at least a days worth of pictures, including days when I should’ve been using that time to focus on my husband and kids while we were away on a family vacation.

And, if you read this blog, we all know my extreme personality disorders involving labeling things, washing and detailing my car, organizing our refrigerator, and eliminating all chemicals from our home.

What I’ve been too stubborn to accept until recently is the idea that I just might be able to enjoy my free time more if I am willing to surrender and commit to a job and a work schedule, especially if it’s a job that I feel passionate about and fulfilled by.

Turns out I’ve found that happy place of balance in my coaching role at CFNE.

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