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My New “Mom Friends”

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You can’t even imagine how much I squat every week.  FINALLY starting to squat with a regular bar.  Bye bye safety squat bar 🙂

Level of cuteness with Ben as Mystery Reader today: RIDICULOUS.

All the kids asking him if he’s wearing NoBull head to toe. “Actually, kids, yes. Yes, it is NoBull.”

I may or may not have streamed this entire thing Live on Instagram.

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up next week 🙂

Figured out that if I ordered an 8×10 collage of all of our pictures, I’d be able to fit them on this worksheet that Harley Love’s teachers asked her to return to them all filled in.

Why the thousands of hours I logged on Tetris growing up were actually an investment in my future.

Paleo Power Meals Sweet and Spicy Salmon dish is PHENOMENAL. I ate this COLD after the gym while I was running errands because it was meal pick-up day, and it was STILL good enough to sell in a fancy restaurant. THANK YOUUU!!!

A picture Harry sent me from his stop at the Redwoods. SOOO cool!!!

Jeesh. Not my greatest drop-off time ever. But, it was a good morning, regardless.

Bode’s picture for his Teacher Appreciation gift that I took this morning at drop-off, and then went and picked up at CVS. It was pretty funny, too, because I asked them to let me take at picture and Bode started snarling and whining about it. Ms. Bojesen just casually goes, “C’mon, Bode. I don’t like pictures, either.” Then, they turned it on for 2.2 seconds for me. HAHAHA

He said on his sheet that he loved his teacher because “she taught him how to write his name”.

Every day I fill this guy up with 30 grams of apple cider vinegar to sip on during the day.

Soaked my steel cut oats and made some with almond milk for my post-workout snack.

Ben’s lecture this morning on how foods’ glycemic load affects our bodies when we eat carbohydrates.

I’m saying it right now so I am committed to making it happen: I am writing something every day this week.  Enough of the photo posts, often with no captions.  I am sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog so much 🙁

I have to tell you about this new little development in my life that has filled a void for me that’s been lingering since I, as my kids like to tease me, “retired” from coaching almost a year and a half ago when I felt like I didn’t have time to train to compete and be there for our family the way I wanted to be.  Now that I’m not competing I would think I have plenty of time to get back to it, but I’ve just become so accustomed to being a bigger part of the kids’ lives that I can’t quite stage a comeback to coaching yet.

And, then there’s the whole claim I keep making about writing a book…

I guess I didn’t even realize until recently how much I really miss the role of coaching people that I used to have on a daily basis.

I think it’s rare to have a passion and have spent so much of your life learning and practicing and researching that passion…and, then to find a community of people…really cool and really great people all around…that just want to learn what you know, and pick your brain for what you’ve found out over the years, and to want to just share all of this with you.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been so interested in health and fitness.  I’ve always loved learning about what foods are good or bad for you, trying out new sports to get involved in, being active and competitive and just moving somehow as often as I could.  And, in more recent time, I think of it as trying to live every day of my life the way the human body was built to thrive on: eating real foods, moving our bodies in productive and useful ways, allowing our bodies to recover effectively, learning how to move well and efficiently, and everything and anything that has to do with all of that.

I’m a passionate person, in general.  But, this is one of the few things that I am truly passionate about…and, have been passionate about for so long.

At CFNE, I’m surrounded by hundreds of people that are all like me and have been for a long time.  Sure, a lot of them are just really getting into it…but, once they’re inside that community they get rocket launched into all of it…and, it’s coming from 20 different angles: what they learn in class, the lectures that coaches give every week, the members that have been there for 10 years who are like our ambassadors, the other members that are going through the same things as everyone else.  It’s everywhere, so the learning curve is insane.

Over the last month or so, I’ve gotten to talking about all of this with a few of the moms over at the little kids’ school.  Jess, Charlotte, and Luisa have been like thirsty little sponges.  They’re a group of women that are trying to be healthy by eating what they’ve always understood to be pretty good foods (with some cheats here and there) and exercising pretty regularly over at Lifetime Fitness, a gym that has a great program for their younger kids to be part of while they’re exercising.

They’re trying.  They just don’t totally know what they don’t know.

They’re also in the same world as me at this point in my life: we’ve got 12 kids between the 4 of us, our husbands work and travel a lot, and we all like to be super hands-on and an active part of our kids’ lives.  Basically, they’re doing things they love doing, but they don’t have tons of extra time to do anything outside of things like laundry, grocery shopping, cooking for when everyone descends upon the house after school at some point, and putting at least a small effort into taking a shower and putting something respectable on for clothing and maybe…just maybe…blow drying their hair.

Lip gloss can always be applied once kids are buckled (aka. locked down enough to not be a threat to the other people in the vehicle).

But, what we all have time for is texting one another.  A phone call is way too much.  Forget about email.  And, if I physically see their faces in person for more than 1 minutes and 20 seconds at end-of-day pick-up or while Jess’s 1 year old son, Ben, is hanging by a thread from her hip at morning drop-off…well, that would be a damn miracle in the making.

Luisa’s got me sending all of them daily pictures of everything I eat at every meal.  They’re sending me pictures of the three of them sitting on Assault Bikes at Lifetime.  And, I just sent them a video of me in the middle of my back squat waves this morning.

They’re getting blasted with links to articles on the importance of soaking grains before eating them, videos all about the glycemic load of carbohydrates, and lists of what our kids should be taking every morning in regards to things like strawberry flavored cod liver oil and their dosages for Vitamin D.

I’m giving them workouts to test out on the Assault Bike, they’re trying to line up sitters so they can get to Free Class Friday this week at CFNE, and the first day we can pull together a workout in my back yard we’re just going to figure out how to make it happen.

Jess wants to make bracelets that say “WWHD”: What Would Heather Do.

They keep asking if I’m getting sick of all of their questions.

What they don’t know is they’re bringing something alive in me all over again that I let slip into hibernation when I stopped coaching.  It’s incredible and is making me feel this awesome sense being needed and wanted and important (outside of our family) again.

They have no idea how great our new friendship has been for me.  I get excited every time I see that little red flag next to our text thread 🙂

It’s what coaching did for me: I got to help people and share with them and teach them how to set goals and want to reach them and feel like you’re actually moving in a good direction with your life.  A direction that you didn’t even know about in the first place.

I LOVE helping them.  I LOVE that they want to learn.  And, I LOVE that they’re excited to try all of these things that are new to them.

Well, they’re not excited about the raw liver and chicken feet.


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