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My New Perspective On Nutrition

posted by Heather February 27, 2018 0 comments

The heart egg is back.

A little present shopping for Ben’s birthday for Thursday.

These two were SO cute shopping with me today. They really are so good.

It’s getting real over here.

THIS stuff.

Lunch: 100% Paleo Power Meals 🙂

More birthday shopping. I ended up on spending $17 because I had a gift card to Nordstrom, and got $90 in rewards from my TJX Card. I, basically, make money shopping.

Got to stack firewood for the first time since my surgery 🙂

Making maple syrup over at the farm!

In all honesty, liver’s grosser than I even thought it would be. I’ll do it, but I won’t like it.

I’m not entirely sure what’s gotten into me, but something’s happening.

Ben, and the older kids, all think it’s just another one of my “phases”.  But, Ben even says that I’m more dialed in across the board than I ever have been.

The more I think about it, the more I believe it’s the silver lining in having major shoulder surgery almost 3 months ago now.  I think that’s when “the seed was planted”.

I had been weighing and measuring just about every single ounce of anything that went in my mouth for at least a couple of years before my surgery on December 6th.  And, while I wasn’t allowed to train at all immediately after, and in only limited ways since then, I felt like I needed to be even more dialed in and strict about my diet since I didn’t have my normal training routine to keep me in balance.

At some point a few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to go a week without weighing and measuring; I was going to continue to eat clean and keep myself “about where I should be” with regards to quantity and balancing out macronutrients, but none of it was going to be exact.  I’ve tried that before and wasn’t able to stick to it because I didn’t like “not knowing” where I was all day, but for some reason this time was different.

Because even though I lowered my macros to accommodate my lighter training load, I still felt like I was forcing myself to eat at times when I didn’t even want to just because I needed to fill numbers for the day.

I decided that I was going to eat when I was hungry, stop eating when I was satisfied, and put all of that focus on eating the highest quality diet I knew how to.  This was about the time I realized something that surprised me:

I knew a lot about what I shouldn’t be eating, but I didn’t really know what I should be eating.

I knew all about things like the dangers of sugar and processed carbohydrates, how bad certain oils are for you, and how drinking more than a glass of wine is doing nothing good for you.

But, had no idea about how nutritious organ meats are, how good fermented vegetables are for you, and how much bone broth you should be drinking every day.

I guess it’s the natural progression of learning about nutrition and eating clean: you need to learn what’s bad and get that out ASAP, and then you can start to build up the base of your diet with all of the things you come to understand about what your body flourishes off of.  And, this is the exciting part because I get to experiment with all of these new foods that I either (a) had never heard of, or (b) had never paid any attention to because I had no idea how good they are for me.

When I was competing before my surgery, I was so focused on eating for performance that I didn’t place enough attention on eating for quality.  I ate pretty clean, but I wasn’t begging Paleo Power Meals to come up with an organ meat meal or subscribing to Kettle & Fire’s monthly bone broth subscription.  I wasn’t putting down cod liver oil every day or adding chia seeds and psyllium husk to my berries.  And, I wasn’t making sure I was getting in kumbucha and Vitamin D at least 3 times a week.

Don’t get me wrong.  You can definitely do both at the same time.  I just found it easier to settle into a routine and stick with it because it was working.

Or, at least I thought it was working.

Yes, I was eating vegetables, wild caught/free range proteins, and healthy fats…but, I wasn’t on that next level that I’m on now.  And, it rolls over into everything: I am on a mission every night to get to bed at a time that allows me to reach a minimum of 8 hours of sleep at night, I can’t remember the last time I was late for something, and I’ve even booked my kids’ entire summer schedule of camps and activities, including completing the entire registration process for each one…which, literally, has never happened this early in the game in my entire parenting lifetime.

More than ever, I truly believe that you are what you eat.  Nutrition is so important on so many levels and, because of that, I am so excited to learn as much as I can every day about what I should be doing.

Yes, liver tastes like ass…but, it’s far and away the most nutritious food you can get your hands on…so, I’m all in.

Well, I’m all in for 3 ounces, 2-3 times a week.  That’s it, though 😉

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