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My Poor Ovary

posted by Heather May 20, 2019 0 comments
Similar to how none of us know how we got through a day without a cell phone…or, the internet…for that matter, I’m beginning to not remember what life was like without the ability to have your groceries delivered to your doorstep in less than 2 hours for free.
The amount of fluids going into my body these days is sort of remarkable: tea, apple cider vinegar with lemon, Quivr Habiscus Tea, ice water, and so. much. coffee.
Our new matching water Natives for the summer. We are adorably obnoxious.
The new mid afternoon snack. And, the nail polish job that I can’t even stand looking at anymore.
And, then this happened.
At some point, I started reading my book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, that started with a case study including a woman who was chosen to step up as the CEO of a failing tech company. He wanted to make sure I was actually paying attention to him, so shortly after he started reading, he turns to this page and says, “The executives couldn’t agree on which of Kathryn’s features presented the biggest problem. There were so many. First, in high school she was know as the class whore.” Luckily, I WAS listening and open my eyes to see him proudly giggling at himself like an 8 year old boy child.
In case you’re wondering what my lipase readings are like these days.
Next day, back at it.
Being prepared for afternoon activity snacks is no easy side job.
I secretly love the chaos of our Thursdays: sit in line at Bode’s school to pick him up so we can make the 25 minute drive to CrossFit Tilt II in Sudbury for Kids Class, then straight from there to swim class in Natick, then home for dinner at 6:30. We don’t have a lot of days like that, so it’s sort of fun to feel the pressure.
Harley Love and her friend, Emerson, just KILLING that style game.
My first comeback meal, thanks to Paleo Power Meals 🙂
His hair, tho? And, a back pack that’s, literally, bigger than his torso.
Alex’s wife, Liza, who is actually who I consider my primary care physician. She diagnosed me HOURS before the ER doctors could, even after a CT scan. Unbelievable.
Maya took me for a walk to get me out of the house and to try and make me feel like a human being again.

Long story short-ish, Wednesday night I started having stomach pains so bad I was in tears from, basically, 6pm until Ben dragged me to the ER against my will around 9pm. Finally around 3am and after urine, CT, and ultrasound testing, they found a functional ovarian cyst that likely ruptured and was about the size of an egg.

In all honesty, the pain was like being in active labor. You know, like that pain when it’s on a 3 minute cycle that takes you to a place where you can’t hear or see much around you and it’s exhausting because every muscle tenses up for the full length of the episode until it eases up before building up to the next episode. Yeah, just like active labor.

Now I’m just waiting it out as my body reabsorbs the fluid that released into my cervix after the cyst erupted. While it’s still sort of painful and there’s not magic “fix”, I don’t have a life-threatening illness which is what I was starting to believe when I was in the 30 minute ultrasound thinking the nurse was holding back the phrase that everyone’s terrified of hearing.

But, my ovary is going to be just fine, so we can all relax and carry on.

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