My Seven S’s

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Soooo…I guess it’s been a while since I’ve contributed to this little blog of mine. We’re going to play a little game of Catch Up With The Bergeron’s…like, since April.
Here is how I chose to celebrate our neighbor, Rob, on his birthday. Blue ball balloons. Run with that.
I’m definitely having more fun during this car pool than anyone else in the car.
FINALLY decided to tackle the project of recovering our outdoor furniture covers.
Walked into this one night after the little kids had a very short run of trying to be prepared for the next morning. I’ve never been prouder. Of any of our children.
Starting the recovering process.
Making the classic mistake of choosing a white based fabric for outdoors.
Jonah’s irresistible. He’ll tell you all about that.
Jonah is the only child in our family that will, literally, stop in the middle of a match and fully extend his arm to wave and yell, “HI, MOM!” He is now my favorite.
Kentucky Derby Day
Our entire two families 🙂

Teacher Appreciation Day at Memorial.

Maya and her best friend/roommate, Amy.
The mother-daughter post-game party that I missed to do Chalk Art at Memorial hahaha

My Seven S’s

For some reason, words with S’s resonate with me. I have 7 words that I lean on to guide me through my day, every day. I recite them when I meditate, I cycle through them when my mind is spinning in the middle of the night, and I use them to help ground me when I feel myself getting swept up in things that pull me away from the “me” that I feel best about. And, as a default, I BREATHE.

Slow down.

I’ve heard people say, “Walk slow, think slow.” As if it were a bad thing. Personally, I feel best when I physically move slow, and when I slow my mind down.


I believe our physical body is directly in tune with our emotional body. When our physical self is tense and tight, our mind is rigid and unable to adapt comfortably. For me, it’s easier to first relax my body…and, then my mind can follow and settle.


I am still working hard to keep my mind from wandering; the monkey mind is still very real for me. I speak to my mind like you would your dog: “STAY.”


I believe in a universal force, call it what you will. And, I believe that I am not just a pawn, but a participant in it’s plan. This force has a plan greater than what I might be able to understand now, but if I surrender to it…not resist it…magical things will happen.


Live simply. Avoid over thinking, over speaking, over consuming, over training, over ANYthing. Search for the middle, a balance.

Seek understanding.

Unity and harmony will come with seeking others’ perspectives. We are all conditioned to understand “the way”, but if we don’t seek to understand others’ “ways”, we will never live in peace.

Sit in silence.

Speaking of living in peace; I believe we find our own peace when we sit with ourselves, in silence, as often as possible. At least once a day. As hard as it is, it is where we learn about ourselves and how to cultivate growth.