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My Unintentional Nude Show For The Neighbor’s Solar Panel Workers (+ A Long Weekend Photo Recap)

posted by Heather March 5, 2019 0 comments

I’m one of those people that doesn’t react well in unexpected situations. Like, I react in ways that, if you were watching me, you’d be like, “Why are you doing that?”

So, I get home from the gym and go upstairs to shower the other day…on Ben’s birthday, so he was actually home doing some work downstairs.

Now, if I weren’t as civilized as I am, I could definitely have fallen into the life of an exhibitionist. Not like a stripper, but just like someone who doesn’t think anything about walking around with nothing on. I’ve always liked riding that line a little, like in a “what can I get away with” sort of way. Even when I was a young teenager, I’d shower in the outdoor shower at our beach house or my grandparent’s back yard totally naked. I’d call them semi-private spots, not totally private and not totally out in the front yard.

Like, I’m the kind of person who still likes to lay out in the sun on our deck with no top on just because it feels so nice…not because I’m trying to be “seen”. That, too, gets a little dicey with the Giorgio boys being our landscapers. So, I make sure that NEVER happens on Fridays around mid-afternoon. But, I also change in our bedroom with no shades down or anything all the time just “being careful” that no one can see anything…even though our bedroom is in the front of the house and on the corner so there’s like a million windows in our room.

Anyways, I’m up there showering and start doing all of my lotions, brushing my hair, blah blah blah, and have nothing on. Like, no clothes, no towel. NOTHING.

I’m also less careful in the winter because I feel like there’s no chance of anyone being out there in the back yard (where our bathroom window is) like landscapers, irrigation guys, neighbors’ workers, etc.

Except this time, there was. A whole crew of guys working on the neighbor’s solar panels. Because I looked out for a second and just see a row of them all totally open-mouth, huge-eyed, STARING at me. Not trying to even hide it. Like they were frozen in that position. All of them. No, it was like straight out of a movie. And, you’ve gotta’ picture this scene: they’re all standing there…FROZEN…STARING…and, I’m standing there CRACKING UP yelling down to Ben, “BENNNNN!!!! OH MY GODDDD!!! BENNNN!!!!!”…but, just STANDING THERE not doing anything about it.

This went on for a strong, solid 90 seconds until I finally came to and stormed downstairs, basically, begging for Ben’s attention.

Which, given the situation, I would’ve expected more of my husband’s attention…but, this, apparently, wasn’t all that much of a surprise at this point in our relationship. I don’t get much more than a hands over the eyes and a mild, “What?”

Those men are actually back at it over at the neighbor’s house again, literally, as I type this little story up. And, yes, I do periodically catch them squinting, looking up in the direction of our bathroom. And, no I don’t think it will alter my future behavior at all.

But, I’m starting to wonder exactly how long it should take a crew of 5 men to install solar panels on a medium sized home.