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Never Say “Sure”

posted by Heather February 9, 2018 0 comments

Loving this bowl I got with the Giorgio’s birthday gift card to Tilly’s Bacon Street Market…AND, the goodies I put in it, too 🙂

FINALLY rallied and brought all of this chance to the bank to deposit in the kids’ accounts.

Bode won with $90. Pretty sure that’s more than what Maya has in her entire account.

Amazon just freaking KILLING it in their Customer Service department with the car headphones I bought that I later found out were ‘Unavailable For Return’.

No idea why he’s beating the crap out of poor little Jonah.

Doesn’t look that impressive, but I am telling you this area of my car was DISGUSTING.

One thing we’ve drilled into our kids’ heads is this: when someone offers to do something nice for you, and you would like them to do whatever that is, your response should never be, “Sure.”

“Do you want me to start your car for you?”


It’s like saying, “Sure, if you want to.”

Instead, it should be, “Yes, please.  Thank you!”


“Do you want me to grab you a seltzer while I’m in the kitchen?”


It’s like saying, “Sure, why not?”

Instead, it should be, “Yes, please.  Thank you!”


“Do you wanna’ go get some lunch with me?”


It’s like saying, “Whatever.  I have nothing better to do.”

Instead, it should be, “Yeah, that’d be great!”


Whether that’s exactly what’s going on in your head or not, it’s often what that word implies.

And, like we say all of the time, perception is reality.

Wouldn’t you rather let someone know how grateful you are for them offering do something for you than to possibly make them feel like you’re being ungrateful and lazy?

Maybe that’s not what they’re thinking, but maybe it is.

And, I certainly don’t want to be so lazy that I can’t just say, “Yes, thank you!” instead of saying, “Sure.”

It’s a difference of 2 extra words that could potentially mean a world of difference in someone else’s head.

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