The Good Life


posted by Heather October 9, 2017 0 comments

Today, these girls and so, so many others that knew her, celebrate the life that beautiful Casey lived.  In all honesty, I wish I knew her a whole lot better than I had the chance to.  Luckily, I am surrounded by people that share her story, share her spirit, and share the love that she shared with the world.

I think about Casey and her family every single day.  I swear to you, not a single day passes that they don’t cross my mind in some way.

Two years has passed since that most devastating day that I will never, ever forget.  But, the strength of the Dunne family and the Nobles community has helped make this a growing and learning experience for all of us.

Like many times in life, it seems like forever ago…and, just yesterday…all at the same time.

We still have so many questions unanswered, yet have found peace with some things we thought we never would.

We still miss her presence, yet feel it every day we see the sun set pink, an American flag wave in the wind, or hear Zac Brown Band play anything.

We fear the loss of another young friend whose life could be cut shorter than we ever thought possible, so we persevere by loving and caring for those who we do have here with us now with every ounce of our heart that we can.

This day will forever sting and remind us of losing the most special duckling to ever have walked the land.

But, it will also remind us of the power of love and the hope that a community can slowly build back if we can just continue to care for one another like we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

We love you Casey, and miss you more with every sun that sets.

And, this incredible legacy you have left with us proves that you truly will be #neverdunne.

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