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New Year’s Eve: The Worst Body Composition I’ve Had Since I Was Pregnant

posted by Heather January 2, 2019 0 comments
The quick sketches I did so the board wasn’t empty for our party last night.
And, we’re DONE.
There are few things I enjoy more right now than sketching.
Maya and Riley got Chinese take-out for their NYE dinner while we headed out to the Ranaldi’s for ours.
SO nice. Just a few of our favorite people, incredible food…
and, this INSANE sketch that Bob’s sister made for them that I fell in LOVE with.
Oh, and cupcakes that the Bell’s brought 🙂
Swung by the gym for First Night Fran.
Then, the little kids snuggled up with us to watch Chad perform at First Night in Boston. Bode: “Why didn’t he ever TELL us he was a singer!?!”
Last year this month, compared to…

What am I going to do? Act like I haven’t put on 5 pounds and 4% body fat since last year at this time? I do genuinely appreciate my friends that try to tell me it’s just water weight from the wine party, though. I’d love to believe that. But, I’ll tell you this: it was NO surprise to me when I saw these numbers on the screen.

This time last year, I was training 3 hours a day, weighing and measuring every gram of food that I ate, and heading to Miami…so, I’d been on the bikini program for at least a week or two.

Needless to say, things are different right now.

I’m doing nothing more than taking 1 class a day, I’m just eating mostly clean food with the exception of wine on a regular basis, and I’m coming out of the holiday season, not going into it…which I do believe makes a difference.

So, like most people out there, I’m feeling like now’s a good time to start tightening things up.

At CFNE we just started this month’s nutrition challenge: you can eat whatever you want, you just have to be (1) sitting at a table, (2) be using NO screens, and (3) eliminating alcohol entirely.

The table has to be one that is intended for eating; so, not a desk, coffee table, etc. You can’t be using your phone (including talking on it, FaceTiming, etc.). And, all of this includes not drinking anything but water, tea, or coffee when you’re away from a table. So, no shakes or smoothies in the car, no Kill Cliffs on the way home from the gym, etc.

I started already, and it’s harder than I thought it would be, which I actually like because it means that I’m exposing a weakness in my routine. Yes, it’s hard, but it’s better to know that I am not “mindfully” eating and that it’s something that I can work on to become healthier.

It’s getting me to read more and write in my Productivity Journal more since there’s nothing else to do while I’m sitting unless I’m around other people.

And, maybe the best thing in the world for me is to get rid of alcohol. I pour a “generous glass”, and those glasses add up over the course of a week…even if you’re only having “one” a day.

Yes, I am a little horrified at the idea of putting these numbers up on this blog, but when you claim that try to live a life of transparency and that it’s healthy to own up to your insecurities…what could be healthier than posting the real numbers about how unhealthy you’ve allowed yourself to become?

Anyone else in?

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