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No More Phones At Night For Any Of Us

posted by Heather January 9, 2018 0 comments

When Day 2 of the Nutrition Challenge starts off SO good.

And, then you decide to start making Heather Bars again.

And, they end up being as good as you remember them to be.

INCREDIBLE day at the farm this morning 🙂

The Forest Gnomes on their way out of the forest at the end of the day 🙂

Our process for getting in the car after the farm: throw both kids in the trunk, close the door, hop in the front, they undress themselves, they climb over the seats to their own seats, Bode is in charge of buckling HL, he buckles himself, and we’re OFF.

Hosed down the garage while Bode was at gymnastics.

Ben’s Dad babysitting HL while I ran out to pick up Bode.

This wine is pretty special to Ben and I.

A while ago, our pediatrician suggested to us that we take the older kids’ phones from them before they checked off to bed.  We’ve put it off for far too long, and finally decided that it was time.  We, of course, swore off our phones at bedtime, too.

Dr. McKenzie’s point was simple: nothing good happens on your phone after bedtime.  And, man alive, was he ever right about that.  For all of us!

We dropped the bomb on them two nights ago, and got about the amount of resistance that we expected.  Not terrible, but they definitely wanted to suffocate me in my sleep as a payback penalty.

However, the next morning was special: because they didn’t have their phones to be used as an alarm clock in the morning, I was now going to be what woke them up for their day.

Something happened to me when I went into their bedrooms and saw them laying there, sound asleep.

It’s not often that I see them like that, nor do I have a few extra minutes to spare before I need to start tending to the little kids or beginning the rat race to get the kids out the door on time.  So, I took advantage of that when I took over my new “alarm clock” duties.

I first sat on the edge of Maya’s bed, ever so gently brushed the edges of her brown hair around her perfectly round face, felt just how soft her skin is, and traced the outside of my thumb along the length of her eye brow until she gradually woke up enough that I felt like she could pull it together and get herself up to start her day.

I did the exact same thing up in Jonah’s room for him, as well.

And, in both cases, I spent that time thinking about what they were like when they were Bode and Harley Love’s ages.

I thought about how Maya used to take naps on my lap while I did work because she never had a crib or bed of her own until she had her first “real” bed, a queen size mattress that we put on the ground in case she fell out of it while sleeping.

I thought about Jonah’s little body when he was a little toddler and how he always used to have a mohawk and big baggy jeans on.

I thought about how I used to dress Maya in clothes that I would make on my sewing machine and how I’d always have her hair in pigtails, just like Harley Loves’s.

And, I thought about how I used to walk Jonah down to the soccer fields to play with him in the grass at Nobles when he was a year or two old and we had entire days to ourselves to do whatever we felt like doing on any given day.

This all started two nights ago, and happened all over again this morning.

And, I love it.

Little did I know that getting rid of everyone’s phones at night would bring something so special back into my life like that.

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