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No Separation Sunday

posted by Heather February 11, 2018 0 comments

Yet, another attempt to please my youngest children. Another FAILED attempt.


Jonah has SO much energy when it comes to playing with the little kids. He’s incredible.

Bode got homework for tomorrow: bring in 100 of something to celebrate their 100th day of school this year. Naturally, he went with Legos. 10 piles of 10 pieces. He got really good at counting to 10.

Maya begged us to go to Whole Foods for Sunday brunch. FIIIIne

All the stripes. And, the unicorns.

Our baby girls.

Trying to get my gut clean.

Harley Love’s Valentine’s Day cards for her classmates need to be in by tomorrow. “You make my (heart) GLOW” valentine’s with pink glow sticks = so much FUN 🙂

Bode worked so hard on getting his started, too: Star Wars glow stick light sabers. He is one of the most focused, hard-working little kids I have ever seen. Just like his daddy.

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