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Nobles-Milton Weekend Speech

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Jonah’s game at his old elementary school, The Fay School, in Southborough.

Meet little Lola, who’s going to be not-at-all-little Lola someday really soon 😉

Right after I had to peel those pictures off the wall because Bode decided to GLUE them up instead of using tape.

When you FaceTime with SQUAD.

Kids sushi date night at Shanghai Tokyo 🙂

No, I actually think she’s going to be playing football in 10 years.

One of my favorite nights of the year because of ALL THIS.

My little princess.

Snuggled up between my legs 🙂

Maya is delivering a speech to the Nobles community tomorrow during morning assembly alongside her classmate, Danny Monahan, as last year’s recipients of the Nobles Shield.

I am 100% biased, but in my opinion this particular award is hands down the one award I would want to receive if I were a rising senior in high school.  On paper, it would be described as an award of athletic excellence, but it’s so much more than that.  The two students that are chosen to carry the Nobles Shield for their senior year are the ones that exemplify what it means to be a true leader, a great teammate, and an athlete that understands the importance of representing what Nobles stands for on the athletic fields, but also in every day life.

With it, comes the responsibility of leading the class and entire athletic community through their senior year.

Tomorrow begins the final weekend of Fall athletics of the year, which always means a weekend full of competing against their rival school, Milton Academy.

Maya and Danny were asked to stand in front of the community tomorrow morning and deliver a speech to get the community fired up for the weekend.  And, Maya agreed to let me share the speech here for you guys to get fired up, too 🙂


*I left the speech the way I found it on my computer screen, beautifully raw, unedited, and straight from her head…the way I prefer to write, too 🙂

“So danny and I are up here today to tell you guys about really what the milton rivalry means to us. For myself, I’ve been growing up on this campus and around this school since I was 2 years old. My dad got a job here right around that time and we moved on top campus that same year. One thing that growing up here allowed me to do was, my role models and the people that I ultimately wanted to be like and model my life after were the people that sat in these seats and walked in the same halls we do today. And there was one person in particular that was arguably the biggest role model for me growing up, her name was Lauren Dillon. LD was known by many as the toughest and fearless teammate anyone had ever and the easiest kid to coach. Lauren and I had known eachother for 2 years before I started to coming to Nobles and when I was a 7th grader, I’ll always remember LD saying to me right before my first ever milton game on the middle school field hockey team, she said very sternly, you’re nothing…this day is everything. Wow thanks LD for the real encouraging words of wisdom. But, in all seriousness I really didn’t know what she meant at the time. I knew that Nobles Milton day meant a lot more than just a game but I didn’t know really what was so special about it. And I’ll tell you that what i’ve come to realize is that, throughout my own personal story as a nobles athlete, a part of my story is not only the teams i’m a part of but I also remember the scores of some of the greatest games. I remember winning a New England championship with my dad my sophomore year and the score being 61-45. I remember beating Thayer in field hockey 1-0 in the last minute of the game and I even remember losing in a basketball game 33-30 to Rivers my eighth grade year. But when it comes down to the Milton game’s the thing that means the most to me is the fact that i’ve never remembered the score. We as the 2017-2018 nobles community are writing our chapter in the nobles history books and the one thing that has stayed the same throughout all of these chapters that have been written before us is the fact that every chapter has the nobles milton page written in it. The reason I want all of you to give everything you have to the nobles milton rivalry this weekend, is because I want you to honor all of the communities that have come before you and I want you to set a really high bar for all the communities that will come after you. This is going to be the best rivalry weekend yet and that solely depends on how you approach it. Go head first, get fired up and above all let’s go beat milton. Go get ‘em guys.”

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