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Nothing Is “Everything”

posted by Heather July 17, 2019 0 comments

I don’t believe in ANYthing being EVERYthing. 

Some things carry more weight than others, and some things are higher on my list of priorities. But, I am very careful about being disciplined with maintaining a healthy balance of all of the parts that equal the wholeness of who I am.

My mental and physical health is arguably my most important focus because I know that without it, I am limited in my success in all other areas on my life. But, while keeping my body fueled by clean food is my daily focus, I also know that sharing a glass of wine or an espresso martini with a friend on some gorgeous summer afternoons on the Cape keeps life fun.

I think my life would be very out of balance if I took the perspective on life that my family is my “everything”. Of COURSE they are my number one, but I am very careful to remember that it is the full network of relationships in my life that bring me love and happiness. My friends know that weeknights and weekends are my family time, but they also know that I would put my family on hold if they ever needed me or reached out for whatever reason.

And, nothing dominates my list of priorities like health and relationships. The moment I wake up in the morning, I set the same two intentions that guide my focus for the rest of the day: be kind to my mind and body, and make sure everyone around me knows how much I care about them.

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