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O’Keefe Is Everyone’s Guy

posted by Heather July 6, 2018 0 comments

I’m a firm believer in the idea that you can tell a lot about a girl by who her best friends are.  Not so ironically, it seems to bode true for guys, too.

Which is one of the reasons why I am even more sold on the fact that Ben is as genuinely a good guy as he comes across as: his best friends are the best guys I have ever met.

And, Matt O’Keefe is one of Ben’s best friends.

I know that because I know the two of them, and I know that the only reason they don’t totally hate traveling for work is because they usually get to share a room together, do beach bod workouts in small stagnant hotel gyms at the crack of dawn together, and joke endlessly about how they have a man-ffair going on…and, if it has even the smallest chance of being true, I actually think I’d respect it.

Even though I know that, it never ceases to make my heart warm hearing them telling it to each other in random conversation on the deck.  I guess I just think it’s rare that you hear two grown men talk about how their best friends with each other.  I think it’s so awesome.

It just got me thinking, for the rest of the day, about why.  Why has Ben decided to pull him into his super-tiny circle of brothers that he would call his “best friends”?

Because this is a guy that, regardless of how busy he is…which he is one of the busiest human beings I have ever met…he will always drop everything he’s doing to make time for you and help you out with whatever you need.

He’s a guy that would come up on anyone’s list who knows him as 1 of 3 people you’d want to get stuck on a deserted island with.

He’s a guy that, while “should” be totally stressed out 24 hours a day, he’s one of the most laid back people of all time.

He’s a guy that loves his wife, loves his kids, and loves every one of his friends like they are members of his family.

He’s a guy that feels emotions more than almost any guy I’ve ever met.

He’s mischievous, but he does the right thing.

He’s a guy’s guy, but he’s a girl’s guy, too.

I guess O’Keefe is so amazing because he’s neither one or the other.

O’Keefe is just everyone’s guy.

Thanks for being so cool, O’Keefe.  The Bergeron’s love you, man.

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