Our Cape Rock Fireplace

posted by Heather October 21, 2021 0 comments
What we started with when we bought our home as a new construction in 2010.
What we told our builder we wanted the mantel to look like.
We were too nervous about the rock idea because we had never actually seen one that we liked. And, that is a project that go REALLY wrong, and is REALLY hard to undo once you get into it. So, we tried to just paint the brick. But, we didn’t like this finish.
Or, this one.
So, we just said F it and went for it.

I am a rock collector. Like, I have thousands of rocks that I’ve collected over the many years that we’ve spent on the Cape. I have very specific things I look for in a rock, but also keep my mind open to ones that don’t fit my “perfect find” list. I know it’s a little ridiculous, but I take my rock collecting very seriously.

I never knew what I would do with them, I just knew that each one of them were too special to let go and that I would find a way to properly honor them some day. That day has come for these.

We knew we wanted to make our fireplace a focal point of our home, but we didn’t know exactly how. We went through a few unsuccessful iterations before we finally built up the courage to just go for it and use my rocks on the face of it. 

I love the storytelling this spot has sparked. I love the place it brings me in my soul when I so much as make eye contact with it. And, I love that each one comes from the place that brought Ben and I together forever: the beach in front of his mother’s home that we got married at, he spent ever summer growing up on, and the place our children now spend every summer day.