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Our House Full Of Photos

posted by Heather January 16, 2018 0 comments

Ben and I “competed” tonight to see who could draw the best version of this knight for Bode’s “K” letter bag for school tomorrow. This is his entry.

This one’s mine. Place your vote 🙂

Ben realizing he SHOULDN’T have drawn the knight’s body parts in the order that he did. The legs are a little “off”.

How Harley Love eats.

And, how her big brother eats like the piggies.

Just chatting with herself, drinking some milk out of a fancy mug, and eating an entire batch of banana muffins I made for her.

And, here too.

The guy at the Chevy dealer told me yesterday that he was “impressed with how clean I keep my car”. I almost smothered him with snuggles in appreciation for the comment.

This kid is going to be serious trouble some day. It’s what they call karma, I think.

Paleo Power Meals. I, literally, don’t know what I’d do without them.

Bode leading us through yet another contest; this time, involving Magna Tiles.



Our fridge 🙂

Full of so, SO many memories.

I’m a big believer of just covering as much of your home with photos documenting as many memories of your life as you can: the good, the awkward, and everything in between.

I believe you should have plenty of photos of your own family, but also of all of the people in your life that you don’t want to forget…or, that you want to be reminded of as much as possible.

I actually try to put up photos of people for the little kids so they don’t forget about things like the Cape, our holiday cards that we send out every year (I blow them up and frame those, too), people like Miss Ally since they don’t see her much anymore but had a huge role in their lives as babies, their cousins who they don’t see more than a few times a year, places like the Natick train station, and someone like Jordan who isn’t super close with them but has photographed them since they were just days old.

I’ve also got photos of things like Jonah doing a magic trick at CFNE and Maya winning a huge game and her friends celebrating at the end, but they have much better memories than the younger kids so I have to admit that many of the pictures are hung with them in mind.

I don’t want them to forget who helped raise and shape them because, unfortunately, I didn’t think about doing all of this when they were younger and I forget too much about their childhoods and who they spent most of their time with at 3 and 5 years old.

I know how much I forget, so I hang photos now so that I forget less.

Like our fridge: it is smothered with photos…little 2×2’s, or so…of everything from ultrasound pictures, to when Maya drove my car INTO my work bench in the garage when she was 14, to baby pictures of Ben and I, to a photo of Alex’s dog, Fenway, to a photo of Ben and Jonah playing superheroes when he was only 3 years old in the apartment I lived in before I moved in with Ben, to a photo of my Dad when he was a baby in a high chair, to a photo of our family with the Spealler’s when we went out to visit them.

But, the one that caught my attention this morning when I was filling up Harley Love’s sippy cup with water was the photo above of Ben kissing my neck and holding my belly…full of little Bode…at CFNE.  It just got that whole period of time in my head; I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.  I was just full of emotions over how lucky I am to be with this man that loves me and our family so much, so much more than I could’ve ever dreamt he would.

On the way home from picking the kids up at the farm today, Bode tried to tell us that he never cries.  I reminded him about how much he cried this morning over his Legos breaking…which he suddenly remembered.  But, I followed it up with talking about how it’s ok to cry sometimes.  I reminded him how I cry sometimes…which he also remembered pretty vividly (taking a mental note of that for the future)…and, how Daddy’s even cried before.

I told him about how Ben cried when Baby Harley Love was born.  I told Bode about how he was just so excited and proud when he was born, but when HL was born, he was more emotional and it just happened to make him cry out of happiness.

Needless to say, there was a lot of silence during the remainder of the ride home as Bode either (a) tried to understand what I had just told him, or (b) tried to figure out how to build his Lego plane so that it wouldn’t break to pieces again.

Either way, I love our house full of photos so much…probably because I love all of the memories of all of the people I love in my life so much.

Which, may also explain the 37,249 photos I currently have on my phone, too.

Now, that’s a lot of love.

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