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Our New Thing?

posted by Heather November 1, 2017 0 comments

I didn’t even think they’d let me do this, but THEY DID. SOOOO PUMPEDDD.

Fine. I’ll admit it. A handful of times a year, I just say screw it and do something that is a complete “waste of time”…even though it really isn’t, in my mind. But, I do feel guilty about it so…if that’s the case…I immediately go putting it out there on my blog as a form of penance. I spent about 45 minutes today watching Demi Lovato’s documentary on YouTube and doing my nails. There. I said it. I did it. Go ahead and make fun. I loved every second of it.

Maya and Ben’s cars were left outside last night, and when they went to leave this morning they were both desperately looking for scrapers. I have no idea if we ever even had any or if, if we did, where they are. So, I went and got them both some today and left them as a surprise in their cars 🙂

Walked into the gym this afternoon and found this guy, Alec Smith, there. SUCH a nice guy. Almost nicer than you even already think he is.


Every morning, I go out on the front steps and wave goodbye to Ben when he leaves for the gym around 6am, and when the kids leave for school in the morning between 6:30-7am.  This morning, the entire family was up by 6am.

Like, everyone.

So, when we went out to wave goodbye, I was left there with Bode and Harley Love on the front steps in the pitch dark with not a sound anywhere to heard in our neighborhood.

I had them bring out their blankets, and we just sat there looking up at the stars.  For, I don’t know, about 10-15 minutes or so.

But, man alive.  Let me tell you how beautiful it was, and how many adorably cute conversations we had, and how peaceful and relaxed I felt when we finally walked back in the house.

It was just one of those moments that I hope I will remember for longer than I probably am capable of.

And, it was so good that it motivated me to take the kids out on a late night walk around the neighborhood before bath time.  Nothing crazy, probably just a 10 minute walk…but, they LOVED it.  And, I loved it.

I’ll admit, I had mentioned it to them during dinner but secretly hoped they’d forget because I started getting lazy and thinking that it would make the bedtime process so painfully late considering we were heading out at 8pm…but, it didn’t.  It was perfect.

Perfect enough that I want to try and do it at least a few nights a week.

There’s just something about getting outside now that the weather is keeping us inside more and more…and, getting some fresh air in your lungs before you lay down in bed at night…and, finally take some time to talk and listen and laugh without the distractions that the interior of your home can create for you.

This may just be our new thing 🙂

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