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Our Ski Weekend & My Top 5 Most Beautiful Women

posted by Heather January 7, 2020 0 comments
I told her I don’t know how I haven’t misplaced my children at this point. Well, that all depends on what you consider “misplacing” a child.
I LOVE being a member in Ben’s 8:30 class.
FINE. I drew it and made it look like he did. Fine.
Took it apart, and redid it all over again. Because I love puzzles THAT much.
How cute is he with that backpack?
THIS, though.
Changing Maya’s life, a recommendation from Ernie Parizeau.
Date night with just the big kids while Ben took the littles to swim and wrestling.
Beautiful day for a Nature Walk with HL’s Kindergarten class 🙂

I play this little game with myself where I try to keep a constant, rotating list of the 5 Most ”Beautiful” Women in my life. Luckily, I have an endless pool of incredibly impressive options floating around me all of the time. So, this “game” keeps me busy.

I love it because it is a constant reminder for me of what “beauty” is really all about. I’m not going to lie and say that it has nothing to do with someone’s looks or the way they take care of their physical body, because…at least for me…those things have their place. 

But, there is so much more.

Beautiful women make other women feel good about themselves. They check in when they know something’s off. And, they actually know when something’s off. They think things through before giving feedback, and know how to give real, honest feedback…without hurting someone’s feelings. They know how to make people laugh, like really hard. They walk around smiling at people and saying hello to total strangers. But, they also have a fuse that is really fun to watch blow every now and then. They’re not lazy; they’ll rally for coffee, an emergency shopping date, or to drink and dance when a friend needs a buddy. They love the challenge of working their ass off to make a buck or to look sexy in bed. They like to hear compliments, but are very good at politely and casually reminding their complimenter about their many other flaws. They don’t bicker with their significant other, and will only talk about their frustrations with their closest friends. They are eager to learn, grow, and take advice from anyone and everyone who’s willing to give it. They know how to care enough, but not too much. They know how they do things, but they know even better how to have an open mind. They get that joy is limitless, and that someone else’s good fortune doesn’t take away from their own.

And, what I think is a common thread about my ever-changing Top 5 is this: their vulnerability and transparency is what makes them powerful and trustworthy.”

Who’s YOUR Top 5 today?