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Our Super SLOW Saturday

posted by Heather February 3, 2019 0 comments
Was just walking down the hallway and caught a glimpse of this.
Pretty much DONE having a FaceTime relationship with my husband.
On Day 10 of 13 πŸ™
Woke up and just saw this. Did it all on his own.
Harry. Just killing the mindset write ups.
And, apparently, it’s treat day. Or, that’s what I’m being told by my children, anyway.
Wants to kill everyone around him.
BUT, it’s so adorable.
Like she’s a Kardashian.
Ben introduced me to his African waitress. hahaha
Literally, how we all lay around with each other. All of the time.
Documentary day over here: Taylor Swift this morning, Avicii tonight. When HL was watching Taylor Swift with me, she goes, “Huh. SHE’s flexible.” And, then I turned it off.

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