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Our Surprise For The Team

posted by Heather July 9, 2017 0 comments

When you luck out, somehow, and don’t hit Cape traffic until right before the Bourne Bridge. There’s nothing quite like the very first moment you see that bridge as you turn this corner, too. I LOVE it 🙂

Before I went back to Natick last week, I was going over my list of things I needed to bring back to the rental house with the team: body wash, garbage bags, knives. Finally, Cole says, “Oh, one more thing. Maya.” So cute. He and Maya have such a good relationship. However, the last time I had talked to Maya, she didn’t think she’d be able to make the trip with her knee and how nausous car rides were making her. But, when I told her what Cole said, she became intent on making the trip. She loves these three people so much; they make her so happy. And, to get to spend 24 hours just hanging out with them and watching them train…it was a no brainer that she’d come down with me. We decided to surprise them. When we got to Megansett, we turn a corner and see the three of them walking up the road after their swim like a bunch of cyborgs that just got dropped off from outer space. Kat walked up to our car not knowing it was us, and then SCREAMED as soon as she saw Maya. It was SO awesome 🙂

Breakfast on the deck. Katrin burns a “morning candle” every single day; her grandmother always lit a candle every morning. And, Ben kicked off the day reading the Daily Stoic’s passage to us. Never a missed opportunity with this crew.

I love that Harley Love thinks it’s totally normal to have a camera crew around at all times. This stuff doesn’t even phase our kids anymore. Ridiculous.

I let the Asian in me out today: umbrellas to keep us cool in the heat.

Why it takes us 45 minutes to make the 5 minute walk home from the yacht club.

O’Keefe telling us a story about him that all I can say is it involved Nair, a shower, and private parts.


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