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Our Team Bergeron Meeting

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I’ve decided to do a new board every day and display it in front of our house everyday for people to read as they walk around our neighborhood. I just think it’ll be a fun little thing for people to look forward to as they head to and from the yacht club, walk their dogs, or on their way to their friend’s BBQ. I’m just assuming I can trust people and no one’s going to snag it. If this were that sort of place, they might as well take our cars because this is the sort of place where people leave their keys in their ignitions. Like, for the entire summer.

Just WAIT until Bode see’s this stash that the team from Fuel For Fire hooked these guys up with for the month. Or, for the week, if you account for what our kids are going to do with this.

I’m learning. I’ve made some adjustments to the contents of our wagon. I may not have a chair to sit on, but the 5 minute walk to and from the yacht club will no longer take us 45 minutes given the space I made for the kids to sit in here.

I love that Ben hands total control of his wardrobe on holidays over to me…and, he agrees to wear ANYTHING I tell him to. It’s fantastic. He’s all in.

One of the most epic parades I’ve ever been part of. The only other one I adored as much as I do this one was the one my family grew up with in Milford, CT, every summer when I was growing up. 4th of July parades are the most ridiculously fun thing ever: people are wearing the funniest outfits, you have no idea if people are drinking coffee or mimosas at 10am…like, grown ups, not college kids, and there’s just this fantastic feeling among everyone that “we made it to summer!” Especially, here in the northeast. We live for this holiday. It’s the start of the greatest time of the year. And, there’s no pressure on buying and wrapping presents. No pressure on hosting a bountiful sit-down, appropriate Thanksgiving meal. No dressing up. It’s BBQ, bikinis, and lawn games. It’s AWESOME.

Bode, Harley Love, and Susan made “cupcakes”.

And, I just LOVE that this is considered a “very festively decorated parade float”. SO. AWESOME.

I think we need to start doing ribbons in her hair every day. SO cute.

The scene when they announce each family, individually, up by name and every kid gets a popsicle. It’s adorable and the kids have SUCH great memories…and, awesome pictures…from it every year 🙂

Ben’s grandma, Gigi, balcony second from the left 🙂

The dress Ben’s mom got for HL that “should” fit her since it’s a 4 year old dress…but, the poor thing is squeezed into it like a sausage because she just turned 3 and is wearing 5 year old clothing. LOVVVVE her 🙂


One of the best things about Ben is that it’s in his nature to be a leader.  It’s not just a coaching thing, or a business-owner thing, or even just a dad thing.

He is a phenomenal leader.

Ben has a way of leading people in a way that he makes you want to follow him, and buy into the message he’s laying out, and you just want to make him proud of the general way you behave.

There are a lot of us staying here in this house.  There’s me and Ben, Bode, Harley Love, Katrin, Brooke, and Cole (for the next 2 weeks).  On top of that, Maya and Jonah will be making debuts here and there throughout the month.

We’ve shared houses like this with people before, and we regularly have people staying with us when they’re in town, random people living with us during transitional periods of their own lives, and kids with with friends over constantly.

We know how messy, chaotic, and crowded a space can feel if you don’t approach it the right way.  But, more so than that, people can get really crazy on each other if space and belongings aren’t respected the right way.

We’ve done it in the past where we just get started and see what issues come up and deal with them as they arise, but that’s always a mess and really dangerous if you don’t have super open-minded and understanding people involved that can take and deliver the right sort of criticism in their living space.

It’s just better to lay out ground rules, expectations, and get things out in the open from Day 1.

Which is exactly what Ben did this morning with all of us.

He talked about really simple stuff like (Ben got these from P.J. Fleck and his own high school football team):

  1. The meaning of FAMILY: Forget About Me, I Love You.  He talked about how we all have different families.  We’ve got our own blood family, our competitive team family, our work family, etc.  But, no matter what family you’re talking about, you’ve got to behave in a way that you put your family first.  You may want to sit at the table and check your Instagram feed while you eat something, but your family is sitting there with you and that is the sort of thing that sends a message to them that Instagram is more important to you than finding out how their day’s been. You may want to leave your bag or your books in the kitchen while you go take a shower, but that sends a message to your family that you don’t care as much about respecting the space you’re sharing with them as you do about not bothering to clean up your things before you move onto something else.  And, you may not feel like making your bed before you leave in the morning, but that tells your family that you don’t care about doing your part to keep our home tidy and neat while everyone else does.  The bottom line is that we all come from very tight families.  We know how much we care about our families and how we would do anything to support them and show them how much we love and care about them.  And, since this is our little Bergeron Team family, we need to remember that in everything we do.
  2. When in doubt, “don’t do anything to embaress the team”.  Behave “appropriately”, especially in public, because whatever you do is what people will associate your entire team with: don’t swear, don’t cut lines, don’t tail gate, don’t leave or walk by trash, always say please and thank you, never complain, never gossip or talk badly about someone behind their back, always be friendly, be a good sharer, show elite levels of patience and compassion, and always be humble.

The best thing about this particular group of people is that you don’t need to go into details because they just get it, and you only have to tell them things like this once because they will adopt it like it’s law.

And, that’s why we work.


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