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Our Trip Home To Visit Mom & Dad

posted by Heather June 22, 2017 0 comments

When they get lucky at the car wash, the guys will draw on their windows 🙂

Car wash selfie.

Met Tori and Kat with all 4 kids for breakfast this morning.

Jonah’s favorite: eggs benedict.

Met with a fence guy to go over options for the outdoor shower.

Tess took Maya on a Surprise Day in anticipation of her ACL surgery on Monday.

And, NAILED it with PB&J sandwiches and ice cream.

Drove down to Milford, CT with the little kids to visit Grandma and Poppy.

Found this monster worm on our walk around my parent’s neighborhood.

Dinner with my Aunt Karen 🙂

Harry gave Harley Love her birthday present today: 2 unicorn books and a fluffy unicorn that HL named Unicornio.

Got to visit my grandparents’ grave today. There’s nothing quite like visiting home and getting to do things like this. XO

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