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Own Your Actions And Decisions and Some Instagram Throwback Posts

posted by Heather October 18, 2018 0 comments


In my seemingly never-ending quest to get better at being punctual, I’ve identified yet another area under that particular umbrella that I need to improve upon: not imposing the stress and anxiety that is a by-product of my lateness onto those around me.

Because here’s what’s happening: in an effort to get out of the house on time, I caught myself turning into a little bit of a raging bitch.  To everyone around me.

I was rushing the kids around the house, getting frustrated because they weren’t moving fast enough, I was dropping things and forgetting things, they were spilling things because they’re not coordinated enough to move that fast, I was driving faster than normal, I was getting annoyed with other drivers on the road because they were slowing me down, and everyone in my path felt like they had gotten run over by a MAC truck.

Sure, I was on time, but everyone hated me.  Including me.

While I’m still trying to get to the bottom of the secret that I feel like everyone else knows about how to calmly and pleasantly get out of the door on time, I’m realizing that it’s not other people’s faults that I’m in a rush or running late.

It’s my own fault, not someone else’s.

The sheer awareness of that fact isn’t exactly making me more punctual, but it is helping get rid of the unnecessary layer of stress and anxiety that was following me around like a dark cloud.

I just think it’s very easy to blame others for things that we’re not doing great, right?  It’s way easier to point the finger at someone else and claim that you’re “doing your best”.  But, when it comes down to it, we’re responsible for our own actions, and inactions.  We are all in control of our own choices and perspectives on what’s going on around us.

I also believe that once you really buy into that, you simultaneously start believing that you really are capable of fixing things in your own life instead of waiting for others to fix things for you.

Own your own actions and decisions.  Don’t drop that on others.

You can fix anything you genuinely want to fix.

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