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Party READY For Miami

posted by Heather November 30, 2017 0 comments

Well, we’re off to Miami for our annual couples vacation.  This year, we’re going with the Mike and Allison Giorgio and Mike and Jill Lorion.  Derek and Nicole had to take a by this year, which I am devastated about because Nicole is one of the all-time best girlfriend dance partners I’ve ever had…and, Derek is the king of planning and coordinating things like dinner plans and renting poolside cabanas, but it just couldn’t work for them this year.

My parents and Ben’s mom are on board at home for splitting up kid coverage, which we are so grateful for.  We talk all the time about how lucky we are that (a) our parents love our kids as much as they do, and (b) they’re practically begging us for time with them like this.  It’s why always tell younger friends of mine who are trying to figure out plans on where to settle down and raise a family that they should, so long as they get along with their families, do their best to stay within driving distance of parents and siblings.  I think when you’re younger you don’t necessarily realize how great it is to be able to raise your family with your own family.

I will say, though, that this trip is so awesome to pack for because we’ve done it so many times now that there’s just no unknowns.  We know that the weather is sunny and 80 every day.  We know that we, at most, leave our hotel, the Fontaine Bleu, twice at most (once for a nice dinner out and once to go to a CrossFit gym).  And, we know that 90 percent of our time there we’re partying around the pool or laying on the beach.

So, packing for this trip is a breeze because I know I need 1 pair of sneakers (I went with my white Reebok Classics because I can wear them on the plane and not feel like I’m in workout clothes, but I can also do just about everything short of going for a 5k run), 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of my Rainbow flip flops, 2 Miami-style dresses (that’s code for tiny), 3 bikinis, a handful of tank tops (I, literally, went with 6 different colored NoBull tanks because I am obsessed with them), 2 long sleeves, 2 long pants (leggings and yoga/flowy ones), 4 workout outfits, a few pairs of undies, my bra-less stickers, a small bag of toiletries, and some pool toys (a football, a few balls, and a frisbee).

The one unnecessary, yet potentially most epic-level thing I did bring was a “party” outfit.  Totally unnecessary because when we’re down there, Ben and I are usually in bed by 8 at the latest.  We usually start off with a workout either in the hotel gym or at CrossFit somewhere, then do breakfast, then start killing it down at the pool.  That turns into a little bit of a bender by 2ish at the pool side bar, we dance HARD to a live saxophone band by the beach, snack on food here and there, then go to bed early.  That’s mostly every day we’re down there, without fail.

So, when I say that the “party” outfit is unnecessary, it’s because we don’t ever really do the club scene that is so totally FIRE down there, especially right in our hotel.  The Fontaine Bleu has this club called Liv that is always ON down there, regardless of what night of the week it is.  I actually think it’s slowest nights are the weekends and Monday or Tuesday is their biggest night down there, or something.  I don’t know it’s crazy like that, though.  And, people don’t even head down there until something insane like 11pm.  I have ZERO interest in staying up that late to go out, spend HUNDREDS of dollars just to walk in the door and stand in an endless line waiting for a $30 drink, and going to bed at 4am. which I know for a fact would ruin the next day for me.

BUT, it’s Miami, right?  So, you never know what is going to come up.  And, if there’s room in your carry-on bag for a tutu, a scandelously confusing cashmere sweater, and a classy pair of stilettos, you gotta’ be ready.

That being said, I’m ready.

Just in case.

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