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People That Make Me Not Myself

posted by Heather January 9, 2019 0 comments
When I was told that I may need to consider having HL do a year of Junior K before Kindergarten, I decided to start actually teaching her things to bring her up to speed.
HL’s “K” Letter bag: kale and kelp flakes.
Bus stop reading.
An EPIC playdate for Early Release Day.
SO great to see the kids playing in the yard again 🙂
When you forget to tell the kids that it’s OK to draw on the white board wall and they come running to tattle on the little kids that they were writing on the wall.

Generally speaking, I can get along with almost anyone. What I mean by that is I can hold a conversation with people that I not only have almost nothing in common, but people that make me uncomfortable.

That is to say, I can “get along” with them. That is not to say, I can “be myself” with them.

Big difference.

You don’t need to be able to “be yourself” with everyone, but I will say it’s unfortunate when you can’t be yourself with people that you wish you could.

There’s a few personality types that are a real struggle for me.

Negative People/Complainers

This one actually makes me drop my guard a little too much in the sense that these are the people that I have such a limited tolerance for that I have to work unreasonably hard at not just totally losing my cool with. I can be polite with most people and patient and hold back comments that I may regret later, but not with this crew.

This is also the group that I will just avoid and limit my exposure to as much as I can because they just drain and suck the life and energy and goodness out of my soul. It’s taken me my whole life to get to a place where I can see the good in almost anything, almost to a fault. That’s been hard work getting there, and these people rob me of that in a way that I’m not comfortable with.

Passive Aggressive People

I don’t like playing games with people’s emotions, and I really don’t appreciate when people play with mine. It’s exhausting, it’s fake, and immediately causes me to lose trust in them on so many more levels than it needs to.

I don’t like sarcasm, I don’t like when people try to play the victim, and I don’t like it when people can’t just tell you the straight up truth about something. Beating around the bush and talking to people with an agenda makes it really tiring to constantly be trying to figure out what’s really going on.

Judgmental People

Here’s the thing: I know I’m a mess and have an awful memory. I know I probably care too much about social media and the way I look. I get that not everyone agrees with the way I discipline my children and how bad I can be at staying in touch with people I should be staying in touch with more.


But, you know what? I have awareness. And, I am slowly but surely chipping away my myriad of deficiencies and short falls.

But, you know what else? I also know that there are a million different ways of living a solid, prosperous life. There are a million different ways to go from Point A to Point B and back again and around and around in a million different circles so you better be certain when you go judging people that you have never and will never make an equally questionable decision or act in an equally questionable way.

I’m sorry. This is turning a little uglier than I had envisioned it would. And, maybe I’m being judgmental in judging people that are judgmental and passive aggressive and negative. And, I am fully aware that I have moments of being guilty of every one of these. But, when I do, I don’t feel good about it.

What I just want for people is to feel like they can be themselves around me. I don’t want people to feel like they have to hide anything from me or act like someone they just really aren’t.

I just want people to feel comfortable enough to not have to fake anything.

I just want you to be you.

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