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posted by Heather August 2, 2020 0 comments
One of our summer obsessions: Bananagrams. Every. Single. Day.
I actually can’t decide who’s making the cutest, squishiest face. Harley Love would probably win just by default, if my life depended on it.
I think one of our favorite things to come out of this quarantine period is our relationship with Jonah.
I do not know this woman. But, I actually love her.
I love how we’re all just fully willing to pay $15 for this dish.
Go ahead, Griffin. Try telling me you can’t find your towel. Hahaha
One of my favorite Yeti products: the waterproof backpack. I can toss this thing onto my paddle board and not worry about it falling into the ocean, even with electronics and towels inside. It makes taking off for an entire morning and early afternoon with the kids on the water a lot more manageable knowing that I can bring our things with us on an adventure 🙂
If you don’t use a Whoop, this may not mean anything to you. But, just before summer we went away for a week. For a few different reasons, I was taking on more strain (more emotional than physical, actually). We got home Saturday, and Sunday morning I woke up, literally, like a new person. So interesting.

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