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Photo Album: Catching Up On The Last 2 Months

posted by Heather July 9, 2020 1 Comment
One of our annual all family birthday dinners with Alex’s family. So lucky we get to quarantine with this crew. Made life so much more fun 🙂
Bode and Alex’s son, Shaymus, have the exact same birthday…just one year apart. Bode turned 8, Shaymus turned 9.
We had a DAY on this year’s joint Mother’s Day AND Kat’s birthday.
Why you should always tie up your hair on long run days.
Our family tradition of waking up to your bedroom covered in birthday balloons.
The librarian who decorated the wrong side of her car but wanted to make sure he saw the sign 🙂
And, Ms. M, the preschool teacher that drove all the way up from Rhode Island to wish Bode a happy birthday.
You can kind of see my taco costume, because people should start wearing costumes for these silly birthday parades.
Alex’s famous cookie skillet birthday cake that Ben says is his #1 favorite food on the entire planet.
Starting to get serious about studying my sleep, recovery, training, etc.
The mailman dropped these off for the kids 🙂
My new morning walk ritual: stopping and reflecting at this little stream down the street from our home.
2 of our FAVORITES.
Because I can’t go on bike rides if I don’t have a speaker playing music.
She thinks she’s a professional now.
I made this mask!
Why is he SO much cooler than the rest of us?
His new hover board with a seat attachment is awesome.
Zoom happy hour with CFNE 🙂
Zoom dance recital from home 🙂
My now famous crispy eggs. SO good.
She definitely has more fun than I do when going to the bathroom.
Ben: Cole, you’re totally the smaller bird.
My mom’s voicemail messages.
Never used to take a single supplement. Now…
Harley Love’s Love bush from the Giorgio’s when she was born 🙂
First car wash in MONTHS.
Stop it.
No, seriously. STOP THAT.
Nighttime showers 🙂
People send me these random pics now. It’s hysterical, and apparently a thing.
Little getaway with the fam in Western Mass.
Will we ever go back to a barber shop?
When Spealler calls in the middle of a birthday parade.
Teaching Bode about budgets.
Date night 🙂
Maya’s phone dropped down into the calf area of her pants during her run 🙂
He woke up early, then fell asleep there. Came down for coffee and found him like this.
This was amazing.
Our teachers personally came to say congratulations to the kids at the end of the year. This is our last year with arguably the best teacher we have ever had in our family, Kim Araujo. LOVVVVE herrr.
Found this on our Alexa’s list of reminders. Thanks, Bode.
Harley Love’s massage parlor.
From our garden 🙂
She seems SO old to me here.
Oh, and Harley Love was due on Alex’s daughter’s birthday, Kennedy…but, was born a little early. But, we still do a joint birthday dinner for them, too 🙂
We got Miss Araujo a doggie backpack as a thank you gift!
Micha made her the BEST birthday cake. Wait for it…
Lookout Farm
Her first lost tooth!
For Maya’s lacrosse project…
These two have raged every day during quarantine at 1pm EST on Instagram Live. How awesome is THAT?
Katrín: “I am HATING MY LIFE doing this project.” She’s not a digger.
But, she IS a highlighter.
Ben’s brother’s lake house for Father’s Day.
Look who blew out her knee 🙁 Get ready for surgery on my meniscus with my buddy, Sean Rockett.