Post-Christmas School Vacation Week Photo Post

posted by Heather January 7, 2020 0 comments
I am pretty organized, but THIS is the dumping ground in our home where things go and never get dealt with. It was time to deal.
Things have to get worse before they get better, right?
The basement got sucked into the process, too.
And, I can breathe again.
Working on mapping out the rest of her life.
Craig and his twin brother turned 50 on NYE this year 🙂
We “lost” our two remote controls for our living room, which I KNEW was a result of BODE since you don’t just happen to lose BOTH controllers at the exact same time. I found them in a drawer in a dresser upstairs that we NEVER use. He swears it wasn’t him. And, I swore that if it ever happened again he’d sleep outside overnight in the winter time.
She’s single-handedly making the jean shorts over leggings look…and, the puppy iPad bag…cool. She also calls that a “warrior ponytail”. Actually, that’s what Ben called it one day, and it stuck.
This describes my mother so perfectly I can’t even stand it: “…You are so so so very O.K. & special…” Classic.
Found some photo GEMS during the clean-out 🙂
HL’s lips days after she was born. Insane.
Maya’s sneaker prints all over my dash board. Make. Me. F^&*^&* CRAZZZZZYYYY.
I don’t know why I think this boot/glove dryer is so funny.
Getting custom garage doors made, so they can play sports against these as much as they want.
Maya using her stick as a microphone belting out Whitney Houston like a boss.
The miraculous trainer, Gwen, treated me AND Maya on NY Day 🙂
The Annual Bergeron Wine Tasting Party preview pic.
The morning after Boot from the wine party.
PAXIS WON AGAIN! BOTH bottles tying for First Place. $7.99/bottle at Wegman’s. It’s unbelievable. Has won every year we’ve allowed it in.
I have found so much love with this man right here. I cannot even find words to describe how I feel about my relationship with this human being.
And, this girl. Lynsey. I love YOU so much. I think you are so wonderful. I hope we are friends until the day one of us dies.
Hamel and Holly came out!
The art of the subtle photo bomb.
The only reason we host this party every year: Brad Wasik and his cheese board.
Our ski house fridge is STOCKED. All we need right here.
Ok, that’s ENOUGH. Come home already.