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Pre-COVID-19 Photo Album

posted by Heather March 18, 2020 0 comments
I know. I fell off the grid for longer than ever this time. Classic case of letting a day go by, then another, then…like…20+…until I was too overwhelmed by just even how many pictures I’d have to play catch up with…which brings us all to this ridiculously long photo post. Good thing I have NOTHING on my calendar for at least 30 days so I can get back on my HB Unfiltered bandwagon 😉
I kind of find the left side of this almost unbelievable.
How is this March?
This little girl was named after our Harley Love. I think that is one of the absolute most wonderful things in the entire world 🙂
Some of my 8:30 Mom Squad.
College students love nothing more than receiving care packages.
Shorts in March in New England. So awesome.
One of the girls asked me if I could get another trampoline so there could be a girl one and a boy one. And, I thought about checking delivery time from Amazon on that.
Told them they weren’t allowed inside, so they brought the living room OUTside.
Gluten free chocolate butterscotch chip cookies.
And, Cappello’s almond flour based pizza 🙂
Just me and my rocker at the bus stop. I LOVE the bus stop now.
Found this in Bode’s backpack.
Bode’s been bad.
Alex’s basketball game at Nobles. They won the NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!
Alex’s office is like the inside of a photo album. It’s so interesting to stand in there.
Maya’s favorite home visit dinner: sushi from Shanghai Tokyo.
Thank you, Cappello’s, for making pizza this kid can eat safely 🙂
My girls, Micha and Heather, came in 4th in their competition in Southie!
Last minute date night with my man. Our favorite: fish tacos at Buttercup.
Throwback to my fish, Lightning Jack, who I would put outside every day for 15 minutes so he could get his dose of Vitamin D.
I LOVE this every morning.
Maya’s game at UConn.
Maya’s Assistant Coach, Jana Drummond, is actually one of the most interesting people I have ever met.
These were DELICIOUS.
Prepping for confinement. My mom asked me what I was buying. I told her “wine and rice”.
Tyler Clark will eat this entire bag in one play date.
Working on our kitchen renovation with Craig from CJB Group Kitchens.
What we’re modeling our kitchen after.
I would never notice this, but this is the kind of face we’re doing with the cabinets where they’re flush against the frame. Nothing other than that on these cabinets, just that.
Calcutta Gold quartz countertops.
This for under the island and maybe the floating shelves.
This color for the cabinets.
Not that design for the cabinets, but that color.
I LOVE 1.5x speed reading.
So proud of Brad Wasik! He’s trained every day for almost 40 days in a row. This is him 3 years ago, and now.
Lady Gaga’s selfie 🙂
First one on the lift…all by himself.
My little tiger.
Jonah’s last game of the year at Milton Academy.
Champagne at the salon. DREAMY.
THIS happened 🙁
Joe Sorrenti at International Auto Body showed me his Girl Scout Cookie delivery while I was trying to talk him into coming back to CFNE.
Micha’s birthday sushi dinner with her Heather’s.
Where Jonah chose to go for his quick birthday dinner out. We did a better one later in the week.
How Ben and I start every weekday morning: reading by candlelight while listening to Mindfulness Guitar on Spotify around 6am.
Maya’s game at UMass Lowell.
When the Dad gets the daughter dressed for swim class.