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Proper Gym Equipment Hygiene

posted by Heather October 6, 2016 0 comments

Bode and I starting off the day “researching” how to improve on double-unders over my morning coffee.


Maybe the best situation for me to get work done 🙂


8%. I feel disgusting. HOW did I let that happen?


Car wash selfie.




I’ve HAD it with not hitting my carb numbers every day. BRING ON THE KETCHUUUUUUUPPPPPP.


Spent the morning on the front steps, while the kids napped, trying to catch up on thank you cards.


Took the kids for a pre-bedtime walk just to savor these last few warm-isa nights.



These flowers from the Leard’s and the unicorn balloon bouquet…all of it just stops me in my tracks every time I turn the corner. Makes me sooooo happppppyyyyyy 🙂


Shocker: Baby Love’s bedtime story choice for the night.


After I put the grump on the left to bed, I asked Bode if he wanted to sleep in my bed with me since Ben’s away. I LOVE sleeping with one of the kids when Ben’s away; one of the only things I like about Ben traveling.

Ok, folks.  Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of hearing about my birthday.

While I’m not totally with you, I can’t even imagine how annoying the last week and a half has been for anyone associated with me.  So, let’s take a break.

Let’s tackle one of my classic favorites: hygiene (fine, I’ll admit that I got spell-corrected on that one).  And, let’s get after a particular sort of hygiene: gym equipment hygiene.

I’m going to put it this way…if you’re one of those people that can’t prioritize and muster up the energy to wipe down/clean your rower or bike after a sweaty workout, I firmly believe that justice will come to you some day and hand you something as heinous as the germs you leave on your seat for the next person to unknowingly absorb once your fluids evaporate and disappear.

I know that’s harsh, but so is a yeast infection.  I realize that’s not how you get that, but neither one is fair.

But, there is an order of wiping down exercise equipment that I secretly, in my own little head, feel very strongly about.  It goes like this: I go in order from things that are in contact with the least amount of bodily fluids to the most, leaving the “worst” for last.

Let’s take the bike, for example.

I start with wiping down the screen.  All it usually gets is couple touches from the tip of my finger.  Not that bad, but a nice little common courtesy that should be practiced as that can get funky over time if no one ever cleans it.

Next, I go for the handles.  My hands are on them the entire time I’m working out.  Now, my hands aren’t necessarily that nasty, but a good deal of sweat gets transferred there.  And, God forbid I subconsciously wipe my nose or “something else”…who the hell knows what happens during a workout that you don’t realize…and, I touch the handles.  Nasty.

Then, just out of a personal interest of keeping things clean even when you don’t really ever touch them, I wipe down that connector piece that goes from the wheel to the seat post area.  Sweat drips down there from I’m not entirely sure where, so even though I know no one ever “touches” that part of the bike, I think it’s the right thing to do to wipe it down.

Finally, I aggressively clean the seat.  If you do nothing else, YOU MUST CLEAN THE SEAT.  Your bad spot sits on that thing and noooooobody should have to make contact with whatever…on any level…is coming from that general area.

And, that’s that.

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