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Riley Is Here!

posted by Heather January 1, 2019 0 comments
Lookey who’s purse I found on our coffee table this morning.
CLAIRE PHILLIPS LYONS BAHAHAHA!!! Walk of shame straight into her boss’s home.
Bode directing HL to a Sing song.
I sent this picture to my mom to get Maya in trouble.
Trying to get Riley to like kombucha.
Won’t do it.
Maya’s fashionable now.
*Ben’s leg top right.
On their way to dinner at The Top Of The Hub.
We watched Sing this morning. It’s changing our lives.
After their dinner, they just drove around Boston showing Riley the town. They found this and took a pic 🙂
I love what this wall represents so much.
And, I LOVE sewing 🙂
5 pairs of Ben’s jeans hemmed today while both kids went to the Clarke’s for a playdate and we watched the game. SO RELAXING.
A throwback from this year on Tracy’s IG. One of her top posts this year 🙂
The house is FINALLY back to normal.

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