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Senior Week: Awards Night (***MAYA GOT THE NOBLES SHIELD***!!!)

posted by Heather June 2, 2018 0 comments

I will admit that I typically get irritated when people make comments like, “I don’t have anything to wear.” However, there are so many events during Senior Week that require appropriate “Mom attire” and, apparently, 99.7% of my wardrobe consists of workout gear and dressy Miami clothing…which, by definition, is not “Mom attire”. Like, AT ALL. So, I made THE most dangerous girl move: I gave myself about 17 minutes in Nordstrom Rack to just gather whatever I thought might fit and look good (for events starting in a mere few hours), including everything from clothing to shoes to jewelry, and bought it all with the thought that I would just return almost all of it after I tried it on at home. Any woman out there that’s been in the same position knows I’m just totally fooling myself. Because none of it is getting returned. I raced home, tried it all on, took pictures of everything, then sent this out to 10 of my closest girlfriends for opinions and votes. Of course, they were all over the map, so I can’t return anything. It’s THEIR fault, not mine.

IT IS OFFICIALLY POWER WASHING SEASON, my favoritest season of all.

Ahhh, the ole’ changeroo in the CVS parking lot, waiting for your wife to meet you driving the babysitter’s car from the kids’ swim class and on your way to Awards Night.

OMG this was the funniest thing ever. I wish I had it on film. I wanted to send my friends a picture of the dress that I ended up wearing and thanking them for all of their help, but I didn’t have my selfie stick with me and since Ben was still getting dressed, I figured I’d just set my camera on a timer and set it up on the ground to take the picture. But, since my brain is actually totally DEAD, I didn’t think about the fact that cars were going to be driving precisely where I put my phone. So, I got all set up and right as the phone is counting down for the picture, this poor couple almost RUNS OVER MY PHONE…while I start freaking out trying to stop them from driving over it while simultaneously apologizing for being braindead and explaining to them why I was doing the selfie for my friends of the dress and where we’re going and BLAH BLAH BLAH. They’re like, “WE LOVE YOUR DRESS! Want us to take the picture for you?”

“Ummm, actually yeah, that would be even better!” And, just like that, I made new best friends. And, they were, like, grandparent age. OMG, it was, like, the best 90 seconds of my life.

THANK GODDDD for Paleo Power Meals and Tupperware.

Ben trying to cover up how freaking insanely messy the back seat of his car is after getting through just HALF of this insanely busy parenting week. We both got in the car tonight and just go, “I AM BARELY SURVIVING THIS WEEK.” This was right after I brought Bode to jiu jitsu for the wrong time slot, Harley Love to ballet on the wrong day, I accidentally made Bode miss gymnastics, and then realized I left Jonah’s graduation clothes in my car that the sitter took from swim class and now I was going to have to drive to and from Nobles twice tomorrow BEFORE 8am. Killing it.

Alex presenting awards at Awards Night. If I were ever receiving an award for something, he might be my top pick for presenting me with it. He is a PHENOMENAL presenter.

MAYA RECEIVED THE NOBLES SHIELD which is awarded to the most respected athlete in the class. I COULD NOT BE PROUDER OF THIS CHILD. SHE IS AMAZING.



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