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Should The Bergeron’s Move Into A Tiny Home?

posted by Heather August 10, 2018 0 comments

OMG I LOVE him in his new headband from the Games…with his Daily Brew shirt from our favorite coffee shop on the Cape 🙂

And, her unicorns and rainbows?

These two things were, literally, attached to me every day this summer.

It’s like she TRIES to be the messiest ice cream eater on the planet.

Poor Ben and Maya had one of those endless, semi-nightmarish travel days where flights got cancelled, they had to drive to another city only to end up with more delays, boarding only to find out that they weren’t allowed to take off, missing a shuttle to the hotel they were sent to…blah blah blah. Their flight didn’t go down and crash or anything truly “nightmarish”, but had they just drove home they’d have gotten here 12 hours faster…and, had a lot more fun. Although, they both said it was so terrible that it was comical. At least Bode and Harley Love weren’t with them.

While we were on the Cape for July, we visited a former member who recently downsized and is now living in a tiny home.  I have always been impressed and slightly envious of people that live that level of a minimalist life, but know that it’s just not the right time for our family to make that sort of shift.

I’m trying to be careful to not say that it’s “impossible”, because anything is possible.  Just because we have a family of 6 doesn’t mean we couldn’t make a tiny home work, it just means that waiting until the kids get older and either more independent or move on to college or their own places might be a more realistic and easier transition time to try something like a tiny house.

I could also just be daydreaming and the reality of it is that I’m not entirely cut out for this big of a dive.  But, I do love simplifying and minimizing the amount of “stuff” we have.

So, my current approach is a lot less extreme than informing our family that I’m selling our home and buying a trailer: I’m just walking around our house constantly asking myself, “If we were making the switch to go tiny, would this make the cut?”  If it’s a for sure sort of HELL NO response, I grab it it and toss it in my car to either hand off to a friend or donation spot.

And, I try to do some amount of this almost every day.

It’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Don’t over think it.

Don’t try to find the PERFECT person to hand it off to.

Don’t wait until you have an entire bag full of clothes to donate.

Make it easy and just grab a couple of things and get in your car.

And then drive immediately to the nearest Home Goods and spend $200 on stuff you don’t need to fill the place of the things you just got rid of.


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