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Shunning People Is Not The Answer

posted by Heather June 11, 2020 0 comments
The name of this song?
Virtual soccer practice.
Ben’s mom drove ice cream from Maya’s favorite spot, Somerset Ice Cream, up from the Cape just for her birthday. Amazing.
Family dinner for Maya’s birthday with Alex’s family, too 🙂
Started her 20th birthday building a garden. I love this child.

It’s terrifying to have a voice in social media. We don’t want to offend anyone, so we think it’s better to say nothing. But, we also know that saying nothing says more than just saying something. But, just saying something isn’t saying enough.

There are so many ways our black population has been wronged for so long. And, while the state of the world is so difficult to witness right now, it seems to be an unfortunate, yet necessary stage. The reality seems to be that awareness and real change can’t happen without this level of unrest. Too much damage has been covered up for too long for it to all happen as peacefully as many of us wish it would.

In my lifetime, I have never seen our nation so divided. And, if the ultimate goal…the dream…is to have us all feel equal, I think it’s important that we give each other the room to grow: to dig up our own ignorant views that were subconsciously learned from the day we were born, to own the behaviors that we’ve practiced and didn’t realize how privileged they were, and to start dialogue about how to change.

How can we expect people to get better if we shun those that are willing to admit they need help?

It would be like having a morbidly obese person finally build up the courage to walk in the doors of your gym, admit that they need help and want to change…and, then you and your staff shame them and kick them out because you’re not willing to help someone who’s lived so irresponsibly for so long.

THAT is the very person that needs your help the most. THAT is the very person that you need to figure out a way to educate. THAT is the very person that you can’t kick out and expect to figure it out on their own.

At some point, we need to take off our gloves, soften our hearts, and figure out how to move forward with conversations. Together. In harmony, not hatred. We need to feel safe enough to admit our wrongs, and work tirelessly to learn how to make this right.

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