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Skiing Sunday River With The O’Keefe’s

posted by Heather March 17, 2019 0 comments
This view, though.
St. Patrick’s Day READY
Ben, Alexa, Jack, and Matt
The girl on the right is totally horrified that she has to share a chair with 3 topless boys.
Bode’s loving the freestyle course.
Ben ended up putting her skis on, skiing all the way down holding her, and bringing her back to the condo. Best workout he’s done in years.
Our go-to game. 11 was our record all week.
Until THIS happened on a gondola ride!!!
Princess Lea buns.
Loving on this little entry way.
LOVE this.
Bro sesh.
Trying on Matt’s blue light glasses.
My post-training regimen.
My Mom trying to pretend she’s NOT on the toilet while she talks to me.
Then, trying to figure out how to hang up on me when I tell her I’m taking pictures of her…and, her just taking a million photos instead of actually hanging up the phone.
Goal was to be on the slopes by 11. *NAILEDit
THIS kid.
LOVE when followers come and introduce themselves to us when we’re out 🙂
Jameson + ginger ale, Cubano, Peak Panini (turkey, apples, chutney, & bacon)
Harley Love catching air on a jump…and, Ben hanging onto the leash just in case 😉

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