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Slow Everything Down

posted by Heather August 5, 2019 0 comments

One of the many things I’ve taken away from my newfound meditation practice is this: slow everything down.

Drive slower. React slower. Listen to slower music. Speak slower. Take more time to respond when asked a question. Take the route that may be longer, but brings you less stress. Don’t rush food prep. Don’t think ahead so much that you don’t notice what’s actually going on right in front of you. Walk around your day slower, with conscious intention in every step.

We are immersed in a very exciting era right now where we have the ability to order a new tube of toothpaste whilewe are brushing our teeth and have it arrive the next day so we never miss a beat with the burden of going to a store to replace it. But, along with this new ability to speed up time, we are cutting our quality of life short in other ways.

Rushing through interactions with others implies you have better things to do. Trying to get to your destination as fast as possible adds noticeable stress to your life. And, prepping your food faster often leaves you with meals you’re just checking off the list instead of ones that genuinely satisfy you and leave you feeling nourished on many levels.

With some exceptions, many things are done better when more time is afforded for them. Everything from making your bed in the morning to having a conversation with a friend is almost always accomplished with more care, more thought, and more heart.

It is certainly harder to do than it sounds, but if more heart means more love, then how can we not make it a new daily goal to slow ourselves down?

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