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Some Of My Favorite Throwback Pics, and “Caring When You Don’t NEED To”

posted by Heather October 30, 2018 0 comments

    I think feeling supported by your “tribe” is one of the most powerful feelings in the world.  And, I think what’s more powerful than any act of support is feeling supported when it’s not “expected”.

Because I think there’s a difference between showing up when you’re supposed to show up, and showing up when someone doesn’t think they’re in a situation that’s deserving of support.

In one case, you’re gonna’ take hell if you don’t physically appear for something, like a wedding or an annual dance recital.  In the other case, you’re letting someone know that you have a relationship with them where they know that no matter what, they can count on you to care.

It’s checking in and texting that friend that moved away 5 months ago, instead of just the initial first month when their presence is obviously missed.

It’s your entire family showing up for your daughter’s 2 hour drive away game, even when she’s injured with no chance of playing.

It’s meeting a girlfriend for a mani-pedi date when you just got your nails done 2 days ago…and, showing up to catch up anyways and just watch her get hers done.

It’s doing a workout for the 2nd time in the same day just so a buddy doesn’t have to train alone.

It’s dropping off a smoothie for a neighbor who you’re not all that close with because they’re renovating their kitchen and they aren’t feeling great about their new frozen food diet.

It’s thinking ahead to bring a gluten-free desert for a friend at a dinner party you’re going to see them at because you know they have Celiac Disease and struggle with social events.

It’s clearing off a busy work day so you can spend the time with your spouse who is struggling and feeling unusually lonely and sad.

It’s remembering to text an old friend on their birthday who you don’t really talk to on a regular basis, but also sending out a reminder to the other friends you were all close with back in the day so you can send even more love on their special day.

It’s dropping a slow cooker full of chili off at your town’s fire station on a holiday because you know there’s a whole team of firefighters who will be missing that time with their family and will otherwise be eating pasta and bread again.

It’s leaving your mail carrier a cold seltzer in your mailbox around the time they drop off your mail in the summer because you can’t imagine how hot it is in those non-air conditioned trucks all day.

It’s really just pausing for a second every day and thinking about how you can do something for people, close and not-so-close to you, to let them know that they are cared about…even when they think they don’t particular need to be cared for.

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