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Made pancakes with leftover smoothie from yesterday instead of bananas. YUMMM

HL had her physical today at Dr. McKenzie’s office in Natick.

40 lbs., 3′ 4″ of complete GIRL 🙂

Dave Tilley, my and Maya’s PT man. Just putting him in his place 😉

Car wash selfie WITH the kids, just like the good old days.

Donation run day over here. Goodbye endless numbers of sunglasses that were hogging up my center console. AND, sadly, a bag full of stuffed animals. They are so hard to get rid of for me 🙁

FIRST one at gymnastics!!! I don’t think that has EVER happened.

When you dress your child in clothes 3 years too big for him and he spends 1.25 hours running around gymnastics holding his pants up. Awesome. I am awesome.

These bags. Seriously. GOLD.

Dinner for Maya’s late game tonight. CHECK.

IS it “official”?


I was strangely obsessed with Elon Husk’s rocket launch today. Still can’t keep thinking about the fact that he just sent a CAR up into space. He is just so impressive to me.

I think it’s important to think in specifics sometimes.  I think it’s too easy to sit in Ben’s class and hear him preach to all of us about how we should think in terms of “get to’s” and not “have to’s”.  But, when you actually sit down and think about your day and how many times you either said it out loud or even just thought it in some way to yourself, it’s a whole other story.

Like, today I “got to”…

-spend extra time with Bode and Harley Love because it was an early release day (which I, unfortunately, sometimes think of as ‘losing’ time to run errands and do work).  How many times do we all talk about how quick they grow up, but almost in the same breath get anxious about 12pm pick-ups instead of full school days?

-do my own “special workout”, but with the class, because I’m lucky enough to have Harry help me out with programming around my shoulder while it heals back to bionic-arm-strength.  I may not be able to do the exact same workout as everyone else, but I’m so fortunate to have a great friend that takes the time out of his insanely busy schedule to share his magic knowledge with me so I can still train as hard as anyone else in that gym.

-use this snowy, rainy day to hang out in the house with the kids and catch up on things I would NEVER do if it were sunny and 75 degrees out like gather and cash in hundreds of dollars worth of change, write on this blog which is seriously like therapy for me, clean out my center console in my car that was so overfilled that I could barely close it, and print out Valentine’s Day pages for Bode, Harley Love, and our neighbor to color for their friends for next week.

-practice what I preach and not let Ben being sort of cranky at night lately get to me so much that I let it become “an issue”…instead, I simply reminded myself that there is no way I would remember these last couple of nights in 5 years…or, one year…or, even a month.

I just think digging a little bit deeper into specifics makes you think things through better, gives you an opportunity to see how things can actually manifest themselves in real life, and helps you accept, embrace, and put into practice the things that you know are good for your soul.

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