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Spontaneous Date Night

posted by Heather December 30, 2017 0 comments

The “high” today.

Bode and his gymnastics babes.

My little snowball 🙂

Put herself down for a nap with her feet wedged between the toy baskets because there is a vent back there where the heat comes out of 🙂

We’re going HARD on Jenga these days.

Our 2017 holiday card, compliments of Jordan Samuel Photography and

Date night with my dream boat. I LOVE how much I love going on dates with this guy. He’s so fun to talk to, to share food with, to tell stories with, to drive in a car with…all of it. I can’t get enough of this man.

Juniper: our favorite date night restaurant. Incredibly creative and unique dishes, genuinely friendly and fun staff, funky music, great decor, super crafty bar that puts out drinks I would NEVER think of putting together myself, and they’re less than a 10 minute drive from our house. We were only out of the house for 90 minutes…and, didn’t rush AT ALL. Perfect.

The greatest twist on my Pa’s whiskey sours I’ve ever had. I could’ve drank 5 of these, but I settled for 1 😉

The octopus appetizer is so good that we both get our own because we fight when we share it.

Our other favorite: the Lebanese Rice dish made with quinoa, vegetables, and topped with a sunny side up egg.


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