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Stop Waiting To Be “Ready”

posted by Heather April 8, 2019 2 Comments
Good or bad? Don’t know how to read that.
What my friends do while they wait for their teens to take class at CFNE. No, Darcy is classy, really.

There are things in life that warrant waiting for you to be “ready” for: deciding to get married, investing your money in something that you don’t have the money for yet, and popping a pimple that isn’t quite ready for it yet.

Consequently, there are things in life that you just need to do, even if you’re not “ready” for them: signing up for a nutrition challenge, taking your first step into a CrossFit gym, or taking your first step into an Alcoholics Anonymous office.

Yes, it would be nice if there were some sort of questionnaire that could give you the green light on when it was time, but there isn’t.

But, you know what else? The answers are usually swirling around you.

Are you proud of the food you’re putting into your body?

Are you proud of what you see in the mirror?

Have your drinking habits affected your relationships and your health?

We can tell ourselves stories for days about why we’re not ready to make changes that we know we should. But, here’s the hard truth that most of us are really good at avoiding:


You can wait all you want until you’re fit enough to try CrossFit.

You can wait until there’s no more upcoming events that you know will include a lot of tempting treats.

And, you can wait your whole life away until you feel like you’re ready to stop drinking and get your life back in control.

But, you’re likely going to be waiting the rest of your life for those “perfect” times to finally come around.

Sometimes, you have to just make the scary, uncomfortable decision RIGHT NOW, regardless of how ready you are for how hard it is going to be.

I guarantee you won’t regret “starting before you were ready” some day down the road. But, I can also guarantee that if you wait, you will regret that.


Viki April 9, 2019 at 12:42 am

Thank you! Sometimes you just need to see these words!

Heather May 1, 2019 at 6:37 am

I hear you, Viki!


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