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posted by Heather November 1, 2019 0 comments

It is because of our struggles that we are able to be the stronger versions of ourselves that we are today, not despite them.

We have all seen the many faces of struggle, right?

Past breakups with boy/girlfriends and full blown divorces.

The death of parents, siblings, children, unborn babies, friends, and pets.

Mental illness covering everything from depression to eating disorders to distorted body image.

We’ve lost jobs, income, been robbed…both physically and emotionally.

We’ve been lied to, cheated on, and stabbed in the back by people we considered best friends.

And, we’ve been injured, gone through surgery, and spent what seemed like forever rehabbing and recovering.

But, what are our lives worth if we don’t have these hardships to test us and prove to ourselves that we can survive? That we can withstand more than we thought we could when we were living in the thick of it?

That’s the hardest part, though, isn’t it? Having that sort of relationship with suffering and awareness in the moment. Feeling that sort of pain and anguish and helplessness…and, having strength. Having faith that you will surface…at some point…

As a stronger, more stable, more beautiful version of yourself.

And, that. That is why struggle is not just something we survive. It’s not just something we need to get through so we can forget about it and try to pretend never happened to us.

Our struggles are more a part of who we are than all the “good” things that make us up. Our weaknesses, mistakes, and failures are more valuable to our own personal evolution than our achievements and “wheel houses”.

Embrace the struggle, because they create the platform for us to grow.

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