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Sugarbush Ski Weekend: Wednesday

posted by Heather February 23, 2019 0 comments
Carbon monoxide detector going off at the house. I think our family attracts this stuff.
Packing the car for skiing this weekend and Ben realizes he can’t find his poles from the day before. We pull up to the parking lot the next morning and they’re still sitting exactly where he left them after his last run the previous day. He says, “That’s crazy. I’ve never done that before.” I think to myself, “You’ve never skied with a family of 4 before.”
Found our way back to the Wunderbar for Bailey’s and coffee 🙂
BRA TREE teeheehee
My little Mini Bear 🙂
Tough guy dropped TWO containers of salad dressing all over the store. So, I stand there snapping a hundred photos to remember the crime scene.
LOVE the way this kid’s brain works.
Within 5 minutes of us arriving home, I’m washing down car mats. You can’t even IMAGINE how messy my car was.
I miss this so much already. Thank you to the Gramer’s for letting us rent your beautiful home for the week 🙂

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