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Sunday Fun Day

posted by Heather November 7, 2016 0 comments

When you leave your husband with the kids while you have breakfast with your girlfriends.


One of my favorite family activities: stacking a newly delivered cord of wood. I’m not even kidding. I love it so much: everyone’s either chipping in to help, demonstrating hard work ethics for the younger kids, doing manual labor and thinking strategically on how to do it all more efficiently…and, we’re listening to country music the whole time. It’s perfect.


Ally getting punished for skipping out on our girlfriend breakfast this morning to run a 5k with Geoff.


Maya training in her little dungeon. I love how she’s laid her sneakers strategically to keep her barbell from rolling down when she’s in between lifts. She’s like Macgyver.


Nothing like getting coached by Brooke Wells and Katrin Davidsdottir while you snatch in your garage.


Watching Brooke watch herself for the first time on ESPN competing in the 2016 Games.


Because that’s exactly where I wanted you to sit while I relax and watch Sunday football. On my shoulder.


Bode loves Dora. So does Ben.  Guess what, Dora?  HE’S MARRIED.  That’s how messed up my head is.


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