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Sunday Photo Post

posted by Heather January 9, 2017 0 comments

I can’t be stopped. Like a glove.

Nothing works on my stove top like my paint scraper.


Adding deposits to our Good Things Jar to my daily morning routine. Every day, at least 1 memory or thought from the day goes in and all of them get reviewed around New Years Day the following year.

Watched The Shallows with Maya, Jonah, Brooke, and Harley Love today while Ben took Bode sledding with The Hamels. Dave Hamel, as of this moment around noon on Sunday, hasn’t slept since Friday because of plowing for the storm. I’m wondering why he’s sledding with Ben today instead of sleeping. Incredible.

Brooke shakin’ it all day on her off day.

And, HL shakin’ it with Brooke…and, her St. Bernard, Lady Gaga.

Dem legs, doe.

Found that chunk of banana that she stuck to the bottom of that helicopter when I was stretching later tonight.

Um, yes, I will GLADLY follow this IG account. 1st day with his IG account, 2 posts in, and he’s got 752k followers. We get it…you’re famous.

Part of a new pilot program that Ben and Derek are starting. Partnered up with Jill and starting to work on my core values and how I’ll be working to develop them on a weekly/daily basis.

Had the CFNE coaching staff and front desk staff over for our quarterly meeting this afternoon. Boys stayed on their side…

and, the girls on theirs.


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