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Sunday Sessions

posted by Heather July 10, 2017 0 comments

We kicked off the morning with a great deal of coffee, and a lot of beautifully natural fitness. I did a handful of 900 meter-ish running repeats on the dirt roads around Ben’s mom’s house, then caught up with the team for some swimming repeats to Ben’s childhood sailboat in front of the house, Tinkle (which he and his brothers named because the sailboat is yellow and they thought it was a funny name for that reason). It was an incredible morning with beautiful weather for training outside like that. In my opinion, it’s what summer training out here on the Cape is all about.

When Ben coaches us, or even just sometimes when I go out for a swim on my own, he will grab a paddle board and just follow us. Every now and then, we’ll stop to have him give us some pointers about our technique, try to correct it, then meet back up at shore to talk some more. He’s a great swim coach from his triathlon days.

The walk back to our sweet little house up on the hill 🙂

When you pull into the grocery store parking lot, look back, and realize both kids are asleep…and, you make the poor decision to wake one up and let the other nap while you shop.

I was walking around the grocery store with HL in the stroller like this, using my other arm to carry that ginormous package of TP, and Bode was following behind me when a wretched not-that-old bi$#h comes up and says, “Mom, you should watch your son. I almost ran over him with my cart.” I pride myself in finding the patience to not say a word and just smirk her off.

Heading over to what Bode referred to as “the greatest night of his life” while him and about 20 other kids played in that yard running around after each other until 8:30 tonight.

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