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Sunday Snow Day

posted by Heather February 13, 2017 1 Comment

Kat re-enacting Harley Love trying to convince her that she is supposed to pee like Daddy and Bode.

I have no idea where she found this hat, but it’s her go-to. With the unicorn fuzzy robe.

Jonah thought it was a good idea to go on Instagram Live while he was next door at his friend’s house playing video games, which he knows drives me crazy. I’m watching him and all of a sudden I hear another kid say, “Jonah! Your MOM just signed on!”

Hence, the end of his Live session. SUCKERRRRR.

Jill’s dog, Annie (named after Annie Thorisdottir): “I wasn’t in the trash can upstairs. I didn’t do it.”

Maybe my favorite performance on television of all time: Ed Sheeran doing Shape Of You. If you missed the Grammy’s you HAVE to find that somewhere on YouTube or something. AND, Kelsea Ballerini with Lukas Graham doing their duet. And, Adele’s opening performance of Hello. All INCREDIBLE. I LOVE THE GRAMMY’S.

Kat showing up with ROLLING LUGGAGE for an overnight at our place. I guess none of us pack light.


Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with snow blowing? It is so addicting and mesmerizing.

The endless curtain project continues. The most labor intensive part yet: hemming them to the correct length.

The Tony Blauer Seminar.

Jonah gettin’ ready to show the bullies who’s boss now.

SO glad we made him and Maya attend this.

Meanwhile, Kat babysat the kids.

Ben: probably programming. Jonah: working on his To Kill A Mockingbird comparison paper. Me: learning how to hang curtains correctly.

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Rona February 15, 2017 at 9:11 am

Hi Heather, i love reading your blog and about your family. Could you tell me the name of your journal / book that you are using? I couldnt find anything similar here in Austria 🙂 Thanks! Rona


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