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Sunday :)

posted by Heather June 26, 2017 0 comments

Gave my dad a letter board for Father’s Day. He said it was one of the best gifts he’s gotten in a long time! Who would’ve thought my father would think that about a LETTER BOARD!?! I guess I would’ve 😉

He got right after removing letters and organizing them into a tackle box container just like I did. He was so excited about coming up with signs to make 🙂

And, I got my mom one of my 5 Minute Journals so we could share gratitude together 🙂

CrossFit Milford

There is nothing quite like the feeling when you finally get your check-in in on a Sunday. Kat and I actually get competitive with who does theirs first. Obviously.

Kevin Daigle’s parents came by to give us an estimate on our outdoor shower fence with their fencing company.

The Lorion’s got Harley Love a Mini Cooper and parked it in their garage with their real people cars.

THIS is Jocelyn Leydon, one of my oldest, most dearest friends. She was in our wedding and her son was born 2 days AFTER Bode…which means I beat her. She’s my “hot” friend. And, I just love her. She and her husband, Jay, own CrossFit Milford and live in the same town as my parents. The world is just, generally, a safer place with us living 2 hours away from one another. We were both cheerleaders…and, our brains still think we are. Love you, girl, and so glad we’ve stayed so close over so many years 🙂


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