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Sundays At The Lorion’s

posted by Heather September 11, 2018 0 comments

My Mom makes INCREDIBLE frittatas for us when we stay over their house. And, smoothies 😉

Really stepping up her fashion while she’s away at college.

It’s OKAYYY. It’s “thin crust”.

First Pats game of the 2018 season. Thank GOD they Lorion’s invited us over.

And, black beans ARE one of my super foods.

Picked up my brother’s son, Cameron, up at college and brought him with us for the day. He’s a Freshman there, and The Lorion’s only live 12 minutes from his dorm room!

Little family bike, hike, and rock climbing sesh when we got home because we felt the onset of fat season set in while driving over 3 hours, sitting on the couch for another 3 hours watching the game, and eating through the whole thing. Ben’s phone told him, at the end of the day, that he had only climbed the equivalent of 1 flight of stairs all day. It’s gonna’ be a long winter at this rate.


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