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When you sprint Ab Mat sit-ups and set your shirt all nice and perfectly on TOP of your Ab Mat, and finish somehow with it UNDER your Ab Mat. My sports bra strap was also catching on the top corner of my Ab Mat…like a sling shot…except, I wasn’t feeling like I was getting “slung shot” forward…like, at all.

Okayyy, so Bode’s arguably a better runner than me already.

At least I’ve still got a lead on this one.

Maya brought a package that was delivered for me up at CFNE. Hmmm…

From sweet little Casey Congel, my good friend that recently moved down to Florida 🙁 “She is clothed with strength & dignity & she laughs without fear of the future.” (Proverbs 31:25) I just LOVE that this made her think of me. Incredible. AND, that she thought enough to send me this as a gift. I just love this lady.

There is maybe nothing in the world I love more than when I get a glimpse of all 4 of my babies together at the same place, at the same time. It doesn’t happen NEARLY as much as I would like it to, but that’s the course of life and I will try my hardest to capture those moments and absorb every ounce of them that I can. I love being each one of their mommy’s. I tell them that all of the time, and I mean it every time I say it.

It is SO funny to watch Baby Harley Love play the ring toss game, facing the wrong direction, swinging it around behind her, and…

SOMEHOW getting it closer to the hook than I do when I’m actually doing it the “right” way.

One of my new friends, Rory, sitting with her daughter, Annie. I am a pretty social person, but for some reason when I started the month out down here I was incredibly nervous and shy. I guess I just felt like everyone here has known each other forever and has spent their whole lives summering down here…and, I was the new girl who didn’t know anyone’s names, whose kids were whose, and was nervous about what might come out of my mouth when I finally did strike up a conversation with someone. Now, I have NO IDEA why I felt so intimidated. This community down here is so friendly, so open, and so genuinely excited to get to know you. Every day, I understand more and more why this place is so special to Ben and why he wants to work so hard to make this a place that we raise our family in each year.

Is there anything better than your 13 year old son still loving to rest his head and close his eyes right on your lap? Nope. Nothing.

Jonah pulled this handy little red book out of his backpack on the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard tonight. So, we dove in to edumacate ourselves on “Pick-Ups and Come-On’s”. Yes, it’s exactly the topic it sounds like. And, it’s as awful as you can imagine it would be. And, any one of those lines would’ve worked on me if Ben had used them to pick me up.

I told you. It’s awful. But, awfully FUNNY at the same time. Whatever.

Caught the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard with this crew tonight to go see Camp Jabberwocky’s musical adaptation of Mama Mia. SO FUN.

Such a MV classic spot, Flying Horses.


One of the best burgers I have EVERRRRR had in my entire life.

Literally, where magic happens. This is one of the most special places on the planet. You really need to go there to even get a mere feel of what that statement even means. It is impossible to walk away from there and not feel like you have seen the most loving, caring, supportive community on the face of the Earth. I am just so in awe of everything it stands for. It is true beauty at it’s finest.

Ben and I, somehow, managed to turn this into a little date night. Although, “date night” has gradually turned into any time the two of us are alone without anyone else: children, family, friends. We love all of those people, but there is something crucially important about spending alone time with the person you love and are committed to. I feel that more and more every single day.


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