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“That’s A Great Question.”

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Our grocery shopping list.

Option 1: Take Maya on a grocery run with you the day before The 4th of July on Cape Cod and she saves you about 45 minutes in the most chaos I’ve ever seen in a grocery store. Option 2: Spend an EXTRA 45 minutes and take the two little kids were with you instead. Sorry, kids. I choose Maya.

When you get to sleep at Grandma’s house and wake up to her pancakes and a YouTube marathon.

I tried to cut Kat out of this picture, but she snuck her way in somehow.


Do you want to know the most amazing thing that happened to me yesterday?

We were having dinner at Susan’s house last night when I asked Maya a question about something; I wish I could remember what it was, but my brain only retains things for a maximum of 12 hours, and that ran up 9 hours ago at the time I’m writing this.

She leaned back in her chair, takes a deep breath, and goes, “Hmmm.  That’s a great question.”

I couldn’t help but start squealing with delight.


Ben looks at me out of the corner of his eye, and starts half laughing at me and half shaking his head in a combination of disbelief with the things that come out of my mouth and horror with the thoughts that are swirling around in my head.

Maya just says, “Huh?  What?”

I say, “It’s always other people that are being told ‘that’s a great question’, while I sit on the side thinking to myself ‘I was thinking the same question, I just didn’t say it out loud’!”

Like, for real.

Ok, fine.  Sometimes I’m not actually thinking anything remotely close to was the “great question”, but I am always sitting there wishing I was the one that said something worthy of a comment like that.

Anyway, life out here in Megansett is pretty dreamy. 

The little blue wagon is getting worked to the bone again while country music blares from my Bluetooth speaker. 

My hair is always a salty, wavy mess…but, it’s my favorite look. 

I am in a bikini 100% of the time that I am not in my silk nightgown or some NoBull workout outfit. 

I keep telling myself all day long that I’m not going to have a glass of wine or a spiked seltzer today…and, then 4pm comes and then I talk myself into one because it’s summertime on the Cape and that party only lasts for 1 month all year long. 

I get to workout with Ben every morning and am home for the day by 8:30, which is when I am usually just getting to the gym when I’m back in my normal non-Cape routine. 

There are, basically, fire works every single night. 

I get to, literally, walk on the soil where Ben and I got married almost 9 years ago. 

The little kids get to ride kayaks by themselves, ride on the front of my paddle board, go on the raft slides, get hot dogs from the snack bar at the yacht club, ride their bikes in the 4th of July parade behind the fire truck, swing on the buoy that hangs from the tree across the street, and sleep over at Ben’s mom’s house anytime they want to.

My biggest connundrum every day is deciding whether we go to the yacht club for the afternoon, or Ben’s mom’s beach.  Oh, and what country song to listen to while I take a 20 minute shower outside while sipping the drink that I swore all day I wouldn’t give in to.

Remind me, again, why we live in the Northeast and gut through the winters here every year?

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